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Report: Chalmers, Arthur caught with marijuana at NBA camp

Chris Broussard of is reporting Mario Chalmers and Darrell Arthur have been kicked out of the NBA's Rookie Transition Program for violating program rules.

September 3, 2008, 2:21 p.m. Updated September 4, 2008, 12:00 a.m.


The NBA careers of former Kansas University basketball standouts Darrell Arthur and Mario Chalmers are off to stormy starts, to say the least.

Memphis Grizzlies power forward Arthur and Miami Heat point guard Chalmers were dismissed from the NBA's rookie transition program Wednesday for violating unidentified league rules. and ESPN The Magazine reported that the two were caught with marijuana and women in their Doral Arrowwood resort hotel room Tuesday night in Rye Brook, N.Y. The program began Wednesday morning in the New York city suburb.

ESPN sources said Arthur and Chalmers were fined $20,000 apiece and might start the regular season on the suspended list. They also face possible disciplinary action from their teams. quoted a source saying NBA commissioner David Stern was "livid" at the two for violating rules at a four-day seminar in which coaches, referees and former NBA players speak to rookies about adapting to the league.

Issues addressed include life skills, financial planning, importance of character and image, the difference between NBA and NCAA game rules, legal issues and media relations.

"I'm extremely disappointed ... and disappointed is putting it mildly," Memphis Grizzlies owner Michael Heisley told the Memphis Commercial-Appeal. "We're going to have a very serious discussion with Darrell and his agent. We're going to make sure he understands very clearly what the guidelines are. We'll see how that discussion goes and go from there."

A source told the Commercial-Appeal that Arthur and Chalmers "initially refused security entry into the room, prompting police officers to become involved."

The paper said it was not known if the players or the women in the room possessed the marijuana. No one was arrested.

The Miami Herald in its online editions Wednesday night said police were called to the the resort at 3:30 a.m. Wednesday after hotel security reported the smell of marijuana coming from a guest room.

No arrests were made because no evidence of marijuana was present when police arrived at the hotel to investigate, a police official requesting anonymity told the Herald.

"I'm disappointed Darrell showed poor judgment," Grizzlies' general manager Chris Wallace told the Commercial-Appeal. "Darrell is a good person. I still feel Darrell will go on and do a lot of good for himself and the organization. We'll deal with this when he gets back (to Memphis)."

The Miami Herald reported that both players could be subject to enrollment in the NBA's substance abuse program. Both will have to repeat the orientation program next September.

"We are investigating the situation and will have no further comment at this time," Miami Heat spokesman Tim Donovan said.

Chalmers' agent, Sam Goldfeder, told the Associated Press: "I'm in the process of investigating what exactly is going on."

The NBA told the Miami Herald the players were sent home "because they are prohibited from having guests in their hotel room during the program."

"The players were sent home for violating program rules," NBA spokesman Tim Frank told the AP. "They will be appropriately sanctioned and will have to repeat the program next year."

The New York Times reports that the last player to be sent home from the orientation program was Ron Artest in 1999.

Arthur was chosen at No. 27 in the first round of the 2008 NBA Draft by New Orleans and was traded three times on draft night before landing in Memphis. Chalmers was the fourth pick of the second round by the Minnesota Timberwolves and was traded to Miami, where he is expected to fight for the starting point guard position.

KU's Bill Self, who coached Chalmers three years and Arthur two seasons, issued a statement:

"We really don't know all the facts yet, and I certainly would never comment publicly on any personal matter concerning any player I have ever coached. Beyond that, I can say that both Mario and Darrell were great to coach. They played a huge role in our success the past few years, in large part due to their unselfishness and the sacrifices they made for our program," he said.


coltrane 9 years ago

chalmers & arthur must have enjoyed the movie'Pineapple Express' a wee bit tooo much.

ncpines 9 years ago

I bet Mario's mamma is mad at him! Don't go home Mario! You will get a butt-kickin and a fryin pan to the head! :)

Michael Capra 9 years ago

boog told them its ok to smoke dope

rthrbflyfishn 9 years ago

I wish they would bring some of that good stuff back to Kansas, it is really dry here. Come on Mario, share the love!!!

GSWtotheheart 9 years ago

it is NOT dry around here as evidenced by the reek of pot hanging over this cityI got out of my car at Dillons on 23rd yesterday, smelled the burnt pot smell and looked to my left. There was a "young" maybe college-aged kid calmly putting her roach in the ashtray before closing the sun roof and rolling up her have to get high to drive in Lawrence and go to Dillons. Geez.

justaverage 9 years ago

The NFL and the NBA need to establish a minor league system instead of using our colleges and universities to find and develop players. Ideally, colleges and universities should do away with recruiting athletes and simply draw from their legitimate student populations. Athletic departments spend millions of dollars per year just trying to keep their athletes eligible. For example, KU was founded to educate the citizens of Kansas and not to be a basketball school and clearing house for the NBA. I'm much more impressed by athletes who have successful college careers and then become responsible members of society than I am of those who go on to play professional sports as we know them now. Further, substance abuse is a very real problem in our society today and I don't think we should encourage people to become possessed by alcohol, pot or drugs of any kind. There is nothing "cool" about being drunk, stoned or addicted. Not a good way to go through life at all, even if you can dunk a basketball.

Crossfire 9 years ago

"Thug Life Ain't No Good Life, But It's My Life."Now we know what to do with the HH.Darrell and Mario's Sporting Club.Ho's an' weed an' a little speed.

Aiko 9 years ago

geniusmannumber1: Agreed....Getting caught is the stupid

Haiku_Cuckoo 9 years ago

"So what? Sarah Palin and Barack Obama both smoked the lah:"Barack did better than that. He's an admitted coke fiend just like the chimp-in-chief!

mr_economy 9 years ago

Having lived for two years on the same floor in the Jayhawk Towers as Mario and a bunch of other athletes, this is not at all surprising. Our floor reeked of pot the entire year. Then again, I think that pot should be legal, so I never considered it such a bad thing.The real thing that ticked me off about Mario was his propensity for leaving gigantic full trash bags in the hallway, as if he/we had some sort of maid service there.

leftIsRight 9 years ago

ChiHawkInKS (Anonymous) says:"Seriously, 90% of NBA players smoke weed. I am not saying it is right, but a heavy portion of the population all "toke" on occasion. Marijuana laws are pointless in this country."I think you meant the laws are senseless. They are quite pointed, however, as there can be very real consequences to getting charged under these ridiculous laws, involving associating with lawyers, forking over real money, and unpleasant conversations with law enforcement personnel. The punishments seem out of proportion to the so-called crime.

justaverage 9 years ago

This incident is yet another example of how the NBA is ruining the game of basketball. I hope these two idiots save their money as I doubt the next job they have will pay six or seven figures per year. The fact that Arthur was involved in this does not surprise me, but I thought Chalmers was above that. Very disappointing.

bad_dog 9 years ago

How were "Chalmers, Arthur caught with marijuana" if, as the article states "no evidence of marijuana was present when police arrived at the hotel to investigate"? Sounds more like a close call and the evidence got flushed while security waited for the po-po.Stupid activity at any time. Even stupider here particularly given the semi-public setting, high visibility in a new career, etc. Most people would get canned without a second chance if caught using marijuana or violating other rules at an employer sponsored training event.

hip_gma 9 years ago

What the hell??? What a dumb thing for them to do! I hope it was worth it.

hip_gma 9 years ago

Mario went from hitting the 3 to takin a hit

Uhlrick_Hetfield_III 9 years ago

The question isn't what you believe about weed, it's about how bright do you have to be to risk a career you've pursued with such diligence for so many years over something this stupid. That's what's disappointing no matter what you think about using/not using weed.How much do you have to pay these guys to show some responsibility and maturity? Bad start, and there will be guys coming out next year who can easily replace both of them.

marcdeveraux 9 years ago

The outrage! Here is the safest recreational drug, weed, still against the law! What a sad joke. Legalize it ,and , the jails empty out and everyone is happy. Except the dinosaurs who think it is a dangerous drug.No more ruined lives,but that is to much expect from a brainwashed public.Booze kills hundreds of thousands along with tobacco and pot is dangerous, how sad the public at large still gos for the propaganda from our government.Stop the nonsense legalize it.

rthrbflyfishn 9 years ago

Maybe Mario was just carrying the weed for Beasley, just like he will be carrying his bags when the season starts. At least he will have a good seat on the bench to watch a great player getting it done. Arthur will not last in the NBA, he is not good enough and Chalmers is too small and both of them will be booted to Europe.

rachaelisacancer 9 years ago

Just a note: No possession, no crime. Everyone can report and argue about the details and the morals and the whatever - but listen copper - if you can't find it on me, I don't have it. If there had been a crime, someone would have been arrested. As far as this story is concerned - the only real story is that these guys broke some unnamed rules. Not very thorough, to say the least.

bombshell 9 years ago

so does that completely eliminate their chances to play for the NBA? if so, that sucks big time

bombshell 9 years ago

genius-No, I was actually asking. I understand that college ball has drug tests for their athletes. However, a misdemeanor offense may be handled differently outside of the university/school environment. Plus, unless they both had it on them, then only one of them will get charged with posession. Has a national athlete ever gotten a DUI and still been able to compete? I don't follow the NBA so I'm just curious. I figured being released from the Rookie Transition Program sounds pretty said-and-done, but like I said, I don't follow the NBA so I'm actually asking for more insight on the matter.

coltrane 9 years ago

well - at least they knew enough to know that it's better get baked than fried !

Stebbins 9 years ago

Hmm... I bet it was good weed.

Kam_Fong_as_Chin_Ho 9 years ago

My apologies to Miami Heat fans. Seriously, we didn't know these guys were that stupid when they played for us.

compmd 9 years ago

Sigh.The jails will not "empty out" from taking away a light misdemeanor offense or municipal ordinance violation. Usually because the only people who are in jail are repeat offenders or did something else stupid along with the having/using marijuana.The NBA does have a "minor league" of sorts, the D-League."The punishments seem out of proportion to the so-called crime."Nope, not a "so-called crime," an actual crime. Read your statutes. Sorry.

RedwoodCoast 9 years ago

Big deal. People smoke pot. What are you going to do? It was dumb to get caught, but really, I don't understand why people flip out about pot so much. It is a big deal because people want to make it a big deal.

RedwoodCoast 9 years ago

Haiku: Did W ever actually admit to being a former coke fiend? For some reason--and I could be wrong--I was under the impression that he had been 'outed' as a former coke user, as opposed to actually admitting it, like Obama.

neks2008 9 years ago

This makes people wondering what is the role of the KU to educate its students? Man, two former KU players were caught. The last time is Ron Artest in 1999.

ncpines 9 years ago

I bet they got it from some NY dealer and the dealer ratted them out.....IDIOTS for not bringing homegrown with them and of course...don't do's bad for your career when you are a superstar...

RibMan 9 years ago

The Jayhawks have a drug problem. They can either deal with it or pretend it doesn't exist. I would prefer they test athletes on a free ride and kick them out of school if they violate the policy the first time they are caught.

Ken Miller 9 years ago

Rookie year: smoking potSophomore year: hit the strip clubs.Just ask Patrick Ewing. I think these former Jayhawks are on track.

geniusmannumber1 9 years ago

"so does that completely eliminate their chances to play for the NBA? "Is that a joke?

Newcomb 9 years ago

According to my Google Home Page, this is one of ESPN's top three stories. "Rich, young males like smoking pot" doesn't seem like breaking news.

geniusmannumber1 9 years ago

Stupid Lawrence liberal hippies! T_O_B: Why, yes. That is correct.

d2008 9 years ago

what? no one is blaming this on someone from Topeka?

trinity 9 years ago

ohhhhh. oh. just oh, wow. mario, darrell-what were you silly guys thinking??? tsk damn. i ain't believin' this. well yes i am.

geniusmannumber1 9 years ago

I'm not so much mad at them smoking. I'm mad at them getting caught, in their hotel room, at the rookie seminar. Next thing you know, former KU players will be getting in fistfights with teammates at rookie seminars--oh, wait.

geniusmannumber1 9 years ago

bombshell--The NBA is image-obsessed, so it claims to test for pot. That said, at least 50% of the players smoke. The NBA is aware of this reality, and realize that its players could actually be doing something socially destructive, so there's only a few instances of players actually being suspended (Lamar Odom, Darius Miles, and David "I lack baskeball skills so I will compensate by suckerpunching Jayhawks when I don't think the refs are looking" Harrison") are the only ones I can think of. I know of only one player who's actually been suspended long-term for violating the drug policy -- Chris Anderson -- was for "drugs of abuse", which specifically excludes marijuana or PEDs. The official marijuana policy is this:"If a player tests positive for marijuana for the first time during Reasonable Cause Testing, First-Year Testing, or Veteran Testing, or he is convicted of, or pleads guilty, nolo contendre or no contest to, the use or possession of marijuana in violation of the law, he will be required to enter the [NBA anti-drug] program. A second such violation will result in a $15,000 fine and the player's re-entry into the program. A third (or any subsequent) such violation will result in a five-game suspension and the player's re-entry into the program."On the other hand -- going back to the "image consciousness" of the league, David Stern -- the commissioner -- is going to be very, very angry, so if he can find a way to suspend them a few games, he will. But to answer your question, I'm not sure they even CAN suspend them. They'll be playing soon enough, in any event.

yeah_right 9 years ago

The Capitol Journal reported that Michael Beasley was in the room too, but didn't get kicked out. What's up with that?

Lenette Hamm 9 years ago

geez.... a perfectly good KU/college education (well, mostly) gone to pot - no pun intended.

crusier 9 years ago

Drugs...doesn't finish school.... WOW!.... what a couple of great role models!

Daniel Kennamore 9 years ago

Wouldn't weed be a performance DEhancing drug? They should get an extra ring for winning while high!

PapaB 9 years ago

Man who stand on high on pot

bandtchser 9 years ago

Multiple people can be charged with possesion of the same illegal substance. It's called constructive possession. This does not appear to be the case since Beasley was not charged. That leaves two options. The charges were filed based entirely on what the officers saw and/or smelled at the scene. Again unlikely because Beasley was not charged. The final option is that charges were filed based on information recieved from interviews. Those interviews would have been with the security guards; the as yet unidentifed females; and the players themselves (also possibly other players in nearby rooms, but probably not). A combination of the second and third options seems the most likely. Either way it is pitiful that these two were so arrogant and ignorant. A dangerous combination. But I still love the Hawks!

blakus 9 years ago

That's muh boys! *#$% the man! But really, in your hotel room? Tell me you were in the bathroom with the exhaust fan on... I doubt it though. Well, it's good to know that in most cities, possession of pot is just a misdemeanor, but I am not sure about where they were or if the police are even involved.

coltrane 9 years ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

rthrbflyfishn 9 years ago

With the prices at Dillons, maybe the blunt she was smoking makes it easier to pay 3 bucks for milk. I think I will try it.

Steve Jacob 9 years ago

At least now we know why both went lower in the draft then expected. They are both now a little lighter in the wallet because of this.

Bob Forer 9 years ago

Ok, you say, they smoked a little pot. Half the NBA players are dopers. The drug laws are too rough. Assuming, arguendo, that those arguments have merit, it doesn't acquit them of the larger crime: arrogance and stupidty. Come on, guys. You were lectured. YOu were on the NBA's turf. You knew they were watching you. You haven't even started your first season. You're under more scrunity than other garden variety rookies because you played for the National Champions. And Mario, you made the shot not only of the year, but of the decade. IN the words of Dr. Phil: What were you thinking???????. Idiots. You've embarrassed yourselves. And you've embarrassed every single member of the Jayhawk Nation. Shame on you.

Ace_Ventura 9 years ago

Weed? Heh. Grow up and do coke. Kidding.That is pretty dumb of both of them.

classclown 9 years ago

I was going to rookie camp, but then I got highI once was a college champ, but then I got highMay not get to be a pro and I know why, (why man) 'cuz I got highBecause I got highBecause I got high

Caller Hunsaker 9 years ago

OK...OK so we know that KU has always been in the top ten of the "Party Universities" What did everyone expect?So who exactly was the first to put the "Jay" in Jay Hawks?Whats another name for a Baby Jay? A Roach......LOL

RedwoodCoast 9 years ago

These guys are great players and suddenly when people realize they smoke pot--a drug that does nothing for athletic performance--their achievement is somehow less than it was before this was known? I don't understand. This is the real world we're living in folks.

beagledog 9 years ago

Wow! That takes me back to the final shot KU made before overtime in the championship game. Did you see how high Mario leaped? Or maybe should it be how high was he? Bad thing to do; makes KU look bad as well. I hope they have good careers and make their marks in the NBA. It would be sad to have them be recognized for their rookie mistakes and nothing else.

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