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Thrifty costumes possible during Halloween

The spookiest day of the year is also an expensive one. For college students on a budget, forking over $50 or more for an elaborate costume can be frightening.

October 30, 2008


I'm the intern reporter at 6News, so I'm not exactly rolling in dough. I was assigned to look into putting together a Halloween costume on a tight budget, which is perfect for me.

I check out a local dollar store for some inspiration. The store didn't have much, and the old man mask and pink hair pieces weren't doing anything for me. However, I fell in love with a plastic sword, so I decided to be a pirate.

My next stop was Hobby Lobby in South Lawrence where I met Donna Beecham, who was dressed up as the Hobby Lobby Bag Lady. She has some ideas for budget friendly costumes that can be created with items found around the house. She suggested going out as a basket of dirty laundry.

"If you have one at come, cut it out, put it up here, get some towels and make your straps and fill it full of-hopefully it's clean laundry," she said, motioning how a body could fit through a hole in a basket.

She was able to help me reap a pirate's bounty this trick-or-treat season.

"We have some pirate things over in the party department," Beecham said. "They're mostly for decorations for parties, but they have all of the little amenities, like eye patches and things like that that are very inexpensive.

I picked up a few pieces in the craft store and went home to check my closet for pirates clothes.

I spent $5.50. Most of my costume was already sitting in my closet-a white shirt, pants, boots, belt, and strangely enough my roommate had a sword. So, it is possible to create an awesome costume without spending a lot.

Now I just have to perfect my pirate phrases. Arr!


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