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China: Richer states should lead on climate

October 29, 2008


Richer, developed nations should take the lead in reducing greenhouse emissions while helping poor countries with money and technology to fight climate change, China said in a key policy paper released today.

The 44-page document lays out China's long-standing position that developed countries should shoulder the historic burden of reducing emissions of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide that are chiefly responsible for causing a rise in global temperatures.

"Developed countries should be responsible for their accumulative emissions and current high per-capita emissions, and take the lead in reducing emissions, in addition to providing financial support and transferring technologies to developing countries," the paper said.

In addition, developing countries "should actively adopt adaptation measures, reduce their emissions to the lowest degree and fulfill their duties in addressing climate change," it said.

China would do its part by reducing emissions, developing renewable energy, and focusing on energy conservation, it said.


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