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Ancient decorating wisdom

October 27, 2008


Vastu Shastra, an ancient Indian architectural and design philosophy, teaches that properly orienting a building, its doors and windows, its rooms and furnishings - in relation to the compass, the sun, and cosmic, religious and natural forces - can encourage the flow of positive energies and good fortune. Here are tips for incorporating some of the practices into your own home.

¢ Keep northeast room corners fresh and light, putting heavier and taller furniture (and bathrooms, laundry hampers and wastepaper baskets), in the south and west. Put a fishpond, fountain, waterfall or pool in the northeast corner of your yard.

¢ Make bedrooms restful by keeping them uncluttered and television-free.

¢ Try to keep the center of the home, and of rooms, clear of heavy furniture.

¢ Entrance doors can face rear windows and back doors without loss of energy (unlike in feng shui), some say, creating a spine of light for the home, but others say they should be slightly off to a side. Mirrors will bounce good energy back out the door.

¢ Don't sleep with your head to the north.

¢ Face desks east.

¢ Plants and natural, organic, nontoxic materials add to health and tranquillity.

¢ Circular shapes increase energy flow, rectangular shapes anchor it. For calm meals, use rectangular rugs or place mats to anchor a circular table.


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