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Five unique uses for zip-top bags

October 16, 2008


So you think that little plastic bag is only good for storing food and keeping it fresh? Woman's Day offers handy uses for them you might not have considered.

¢ Make a changing mat: Tear open the side seams of a gallon-size bag and lay flat for an emergency diaper-changing area.

¢ Pack accessories: Organize by category (jewelry, scarves, hosiery) so they're easier to find in your suitcase.

¢ Knead dough: Use two quart-size bags as gloves to avoid getting your hands sticky.

¢ Create a temporary funnel: Improvise a funnel for anything from shampoo, to children's beads, to glitter.

¢ Clean a showerhead: Pour a little white vinegar in a bag, rubber-band it to the showerhead and let it soak for a half-hour.


oldmomxx 9 years, 8 months ago

using bags as gloves to knead bread so your hands won't get "sticky" is just silly and wasteful. You have throw the bags away or "recycle" them. Kneading warm dough with you bare hands is one of the great pleasures of life.

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