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Source of Jenkins’ proposed list of budget cuts is conservative think tank

October 15, 2008


Boyda lags in recent fundraising

A fundraiser last month for Republican Lynn Jenkins, which featured first lady Laura Bush, raised $205,918, according to campaign finance records.

Jenkins is challenging U.S. Rep. Nancy Boyda, D-Topeka, for the 2nd congressional District, which includes west Lawrence. Invitations to the fundraiser at a private residence requested $7,500 per couple.

President Bush was scheduled to headline the event, but then canceled to visit Texas to view damage from Hurricane Ike.

Meanwhile, Democratic Rep. Nancy Boyda raised less than half as much money since mid-July as Jenkins, according to campaign finance reports. Boyda has $622,000 cash on hand. Jenkins reports $550,000.

Overall, Boyda has raised more than $1.5 million, compared with Jenkins' $1.05 million.

— Republican Lynn Jenkins' plan to cut $310 billion from the federal budget comes from the Heritage Foundation and, if implemented, it would reduce spending in many programs affecting Kansans.

Jenkins brought up the proposal during a televised debate with U.S. Rep. Nancy Boyda, D-Topeka.

The two face off Nov. 4 for the 2nd Congressional district, which includes western Douglas County and west Lawrence.

During the debate, Jenkins provided a half-page typed sheet of nine bullet points that she said she had been working on. She said she would provide details later, but didn't specify when, nor did her campaign staff.

"I think we're on it," said Jenkins. "This is what I do and I'm anxious to get to Washington."

The source of her plan was based on the research and writing of Brian Riedl, a fellow in federal budgetary affairs at The Heritage Foundation, a self-described conservative think tank in Washington, D.C.

Part of the $310 billion in cuts states that 22 percent of federal programs, spending $123 billion, failed to show any positive effect on the populations they serve.

Riedl said he arrived at this figure from assessments of federal programs developed by the U.S. Office of Management and Budget and listed on the Web site

He said he included programs rated "ineffective" or "results not demonstrated."

Included in that group are many that affect Kansans, such as food stamp nutrition education, seniors and woman, infants and children farmers' market programs, federal Perkins loans, federal work-study, assistance to rural school districts, and assistance to children in foster care, and many others.

Riedl said he is not suggesting that every one of these programs be eliminated, but that they get a closer review by Congress.

"Taxpayers deserve that," he said.


arieswarrior 9 years, 8 months ago

What Scott Rothschild's article above tells us is that the real Lynn Jenkins is a right-wing, budget-cutting conservative of the devastating Office of Management and Budget and Heritage Foundation variety who -- starting with the Administrations of Ronald Reagan and ending with those of George W. Bush -- would cut all relevant social programs designed for the amelioration of the needs of the people, all in the NAME of budget-balancing, and then spend TRILLIONS on the military-industrial complex, massive tax cuts for only the very rich already, the narrow interests of big businesses, and all kinds of so-called "special interests" (like banks and loan companies) not in the people's interest. This is the same siren song we have been hearing for 28 years from the right wing of the Republican Party, a "song" which has lured us into a vast and ever-increasing income gap and now the makings of the ultimate destruction of our capitalist economy. Lynn Jenkins, mindlessly taking these "budget" plans verbatim from a researcher at the infamous Heritage Foundation, has shown she is more interested in her own ambition to be elected to "higher" office than in the needs of the people of Kansas in particular and of the United States in general. This article alone is sufficient grounds for all voters of all parties to defeat her for further elective office. She is not on your side and, if elected, will only perpetuate those policies of the last 28 years (except for the eight years of Bill Clinton's Presidency) which have led to the economic and social pains you are now suffering as a result of their misguided effects on our economy, our society, our reputation internationally, and all our people.

Horace 9 years, 8 months ago

I wouldn't worry about Lynn's, or any other Republican's, talking points. The party that's the bastard child of the mouth-breathing bigots and the sociopathic swindlers looks to take a massive beating in a few weeks.

feeble 9 years, 8 months ago

What works for Republicans or Democrats in other states doesn't necessarily work for Kansas. Fiscal responsibility should be a key plank for both parties and their candidates, but any budget cuts in existing programs need to be weighed against the program's value to Kansans.

texburgh 9 years, 8 months ago

"food stamp nutrition education, seniors and woman, infants and children farmers' market programs, federal Perkins loans, federal work-study, assistance to rural school districts, and assistance to children in foster care"Let's see...Lynn is opposed to nutrition education (despite the obesity epidemic), Perkins loans and work study (despite the ever-rising cost of post-secondary education), assistance to rural schools (in a largely rural state), and assistance to children in foster care (our most vulnerable children)!Lynn gets her advice from the Heritage Foundation and claims she "had been working on it"? Lynn takes her plan from the playbook of one of the most extreme right wing anti-government "think tanks" and sets it forth as her plan?Vote for Nancy Boyda!

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