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Unisex footwear is forever

October 13, 2008

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This fall, the freshest fashions are sleek and sophisticated, ageless and - amazingly - androgynous.

After all of summer's focus on women sporting menswear - masculine vests, fedoras, neckties and suspenders - equal-opportunity footwear is a novel concept.

Check out this short list of retro footwear before hitting Mass. Street:

Frye boots

Cowboy boots ain't just for cowboys. In the 1960s and '70s, The Frye Co. reissued their Campus boot. It quickly became an American staple and, in part, its high-demand can be attributed to its time-tested, chunky heel and sleek aesthetic appropriate for men and women.

Wear it now: Warm days and cool nights are inevitable in the fall, and cowboy boots are the perfect autumnal accompaniment during this transition.

¢ Extend wear-time of summer dresses and shorts by slipping on a pair of boots with stockings or leggings.

¢ Dress down an ostentatious, expensive suit or dress for more casual gatherings or daytime activities with comfortable boots that give off friendly, hometown vibes.

Converse tennis shoes

Sports enthusiasts, hipsters and nerds unite. Converse has been pumping out shoes since 1908, and its ridiculously popular All Star tennis shoes are undoubtedly a wardrobe staple. The All Star was designed in 1908 as the company's premier basketball shoe, but have evolved into a personality statement; sharp designs always give away the artsy, ADD college student, and grass stains and grungy scuffs point to the proud hard-worker.

Wear it now: Converse shoes are uni-sex, but never uni-season. These shoes can be worn in most temperatures.

¢ Again, dress down a fancy outfit with an unpredicted pair of shoes. For example, by lacing on a pair of All Star tennis shoes, women's trousers and men's fitted jeans look "in style" instantaneously.


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