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On the record

October 13, 2008


Emergency calls

Lawrence-Douglas County Fire & Medical reported these responses:

Fire calls

¢ Cooking fire, confined to kitchen, 3:23 p.m. Saturday, 2606 Orchard Lane.

¢ Alarm system activation, no fire, 5:03 p.m. Saturday, 1404 Alumni Place.

¢ No fire incident found on arrival, 5:06 p.m. Saturday, 200 Ind.

¢ Alarm system activation, no fire, 5:21 p.m. Saturday, 1741 W. 19th St.

¢ Prescribed fire, 5:35 p.m. Saturday, 340 N. Michigan.

¢ False alarm or false call, 6:59 p.m. Saturday, 1275 North 935 Rd.

Douglas County District Court

Marriage licenses issued

Ross A. Starcher, 21, Tonganoxie, and Maudie Lena Irsik, 23, Overland Park.

Eric Alan Lowe, 26, Lawrence, and Kelley Louise McCarthy, 24, Lawrence.

Gregory Daniel Smith, 31, Lawrence, and Rebecca Sue Henkhaus, 27, Lawrence.

Danny Lamar Savannah, 27, Lawrence, and Kim Denise Bonney, 24, Lawrence.

Nicklaus Arthur Strecker, 23, Lawrence, and Laura Nanette Powell, 23, Lawrence.

Adam Lee Payne, 23, Lawrence, and Marie Carmen Hyde, 22, Lawrence.

Jeffrey Stromberg, 26, Lawrence, and Lauren Noel Baruth, 24, Kansas City, Mo.

Steven Michael Sweat, 25, Lawrence, and Emma Brooke Markley, 21, Lawrence.

Ryan William Walkiewicz, 26, Kansas City, Kan., and Aimee Nicole Richardson, 26, Lawrence.

Roger Esler Griffith II, 31, Lawrence, and Kristen Rae Gurney, 29, Lawrence.

Patrick Joseph Stallbaumer, 25, Wichita, and Julie Star Shrack, 25, Lawrence.

Randy K. Williamson, 39, Eudora, and Amy Renee Bichelmeyer, 36, Eudora.

Jacob Andrew Leal, 24, Lawrence, and Sarah Ann Gallager, 22, Lawrence.

Nathan Samuel Wedermyer, 27, Baldwin City, and Summer Dawn D'orvilliers, 28, Baldwin City.

Patrick Henry Cain, 29, Lawrence, and Aubrey Ann McCalman, 29, Lawrence.

Dominic Brandon Schwartz, 29, Lawrence, and Jennifer Rae Over, 24, Lawrence.

Victor Joseph Contoski, 72, Lawrence, and Carmela Maria Sibley, 70, Lawrence.

David Scott Duncan, 29, Lawrence, and Becca Lee Connell, 23, Lawrence.

Clint Alan Morgan, 31, Baldwin City, and Mary Louise Hamlin, 25, Baldwin City.

Nathan S. Atchison, 30, Lawrence, and Megan Anne Sullivan, 32, Lawrence.

Jason Michael Farrant, 24, Lawrence, and Shadow Dawn Gardner, 25, Lawrence.

Zachary D. Bennett, 24, Lawrence, and Tiffany Diane Vale, 25, Lawrence.

Stephen Eleodoro Ortiz, 34, Lawrence, and Jacqueline Rene Padilla, 34, Lawrence.

Ryan W. Thon, 30, Lawrence, and Catharine Marie Miller, 24, Lawrence.

Brandon Wade Espinosa, 31, Lawrence, and Natalie Nicole Crothers, 29, Lawrence.

Christofer Lee Carr, 32, Lawrence and Tamara Fay Laughlin, 36, Fort Worth, Texas.

Rich Lane Greenwood, 33, Lawrence, and Monica Marie Huff, 25, Lawrence.

Floyd L. Jarrett, 32, Galt, Mo., and Amy Jo Babbit, 29, Humphreys, Mo.

Jace Dale Strate, 23, Lawrence, and Anna Kirby Feyen, 21, Lawrence.

Christopher Lee Ingham, 34, Lawrence, and Grace Lee, 34, Lawrence.

Fredrick Eugene Dohogne, 27, Lawrence, and Heidi Ray Schwander, 27, Lawrence.

Vedran Raljevic, 22, Lawrence, and Tamara Lee Wallace, 29, Lawrence.

Divorces granted

Jason Michael Scott, 30, Pomona, and Betty Jane Thoren, 51, Eudora.

Ryan Christopher O'Neal, 31, Baldwin City, and Ashley Gail O'Neal, 26, Leawood.

Khamway Khanya, 57, Lawrence, and Boonyang Khanya, age unknown, Lawrence.

Janet K. Barrick, 59, Lawrence, and Wayne D. Barrick, 65, Lawrence.

Casey James Finch, 24, Lawrence, and Brianna Rae Finch, 25, Lincoln, Neb.

Myka Danielle Trend, 30, Lawrence, and Woodrow Stephen Trend, 34, Atlanta.

Sue Ann Grosdidier, 47, Paola, and Charles Roe Cafferty, 47, Paola.

Dawn Rothwell, 37, Lawrence, and Duane Rothwell, 38, Lawrence.


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