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Recognizing job burnout

October 13, 2008


How did it come to this?

The road to job burnout can start quickly, even on the first day of a new job - provided certain factors are present and begin to manifest.

The Mayo Clinic lists the following conditions that can lead to burnout:

¢ Lack of control: This can stem from a sense of being unable to influence decisions that affect your job, such as which hours, assignments or the amount of work that flows your way.

¢ Unclear job expectations: Are you uncertain about the degree of authority you have on the job? If so, you may lack the necessary resources to perform well.

¢ Dysfunctional workplace: Working with an office bully, being undermined by colleagues or having a boss who micromanages can erode your emotional well being at work.

¢ Mismatch in values: If your values are not compatible with how your company does business or handles employee problems, this can likewise wear on you.

¢ Poor job fit: Perhaps the work simply does not align with your interests and skills. Stress can build more and more with time, leading to burnout.

¢ Extremes of activity: Digging deep constantly to find the energy for monotonous tasks or to deal with a chaotic office environment can sap the work spirit.

Source: Mayo Clinic


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