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Sebelius answers GOP criticism about time spent campaigning for Obama

Governor has visited nine states in September; Obama campaign pays for travel

Gov. Kathleen Sebelius discusses her busier-than-normal September.

October 2, 2008


Kansas Republican Party officials have been criticizing Gov. Kathleen Sebelius' campaign over her travel on behalf of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama.

Sebelius, an early supporter of Obama who was considered for his running mate, has argued that the country and Kansas need Obama in the White House. She also has argued that her campaign appearances have not detracted from her duties as governor. Her travel on behalf of Obama is paid for by his campaign.

In the month of September, Sebelius visited 25 cities in nine states, according to her daily schedules made available by various news reports and the Obama campaign.

On Wednesday, she was asked about the criticism and responded, saying she took her job as governor "very seriously. It's a 24/7 job." She said she was able to handle her duties and also campaign. "I actually am an elected official who uses a computer, a Blackberry and a telephone on a regular basis. We're keeping a good eye on the state," she said.

That statement was a jab at Obama's challenger, John McCain, who acknowledges he's not the most technologically savvy.

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A previous version of this story incorrectly listed the source of Sebelius's schedules.


ReadingSports 8 years ago

"I actually am an elected official who uses a computer, a Blackberry and a telephone on a regular basis. We're keeping a good eye on the state," she said.Gee, I thought that the Obama campaign had gotten past this particular bit of nasty. McCain can't use a computer because of his war injuries. Can't wait for this condescending twit to get unelected from the governor's mansion.

Miles Garrett 8 years ago

ReadingSports:Calling her a "condescending twit" is a bit hypocritical, isn't it? And she hasn't been elected to the governor's mansion, she has been elected to the governor's office. Barring time travel, it's impossible for her to "get unelected", but it will be nice to see her take some sort of cabinet post in Obama's administration.

Thats_messed_up 8 years ago

Sebelious' only interest is keeping Kansas the Late-term Abortion Capital of America.

TheYetiSpeaks 8 years ago

"But hey, go ahead and try to pick on a woman who has already had more success in life than you ever will."One could say O.J. Simpson has had a lot of success in his life. Does that preclude him from criticism?

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 8 years ago

"McCain can't use a computer because of his war injuries."Can you explain how that works (or doesn't?)

feeble 8 years ago

lee66049 (Anonymous) says:She is supposed to cancel the Sarah Palin effect for women...Would that be the effect where nation wide, as well as on the state level (re:Florida) women across all polling groups, excluding the Republican base, rate Palin the least favorably out of all Candidates and their running mates? News flash: Palin and the Economy are costing McCain moderate and swing voters.

lee66049 8 years ago

Who cares what Sebelius does on the campaign trail. Overwhelming majority of her stops the people there did not have clue or a care who she was. She is supposed to cancel the Sarah Palin effect for women and be auditioning for a job in an Obama administration.She is willing to make fun of McCain's disabilities and call people racist if they don't vote for Obama. Of course McCain is protected by the Americans with Disabilties Act signed into law by George Bush Sr. Now we know what they call women that sell themselves for money. But what do you call one that sells herself for a job?

Richard Heckler 8 years ago

Kansas GOP party members ought to be questioning the judgement of McCain.How does McCain figure tax payers can afford one more day invading and occupying the mideast?As of this moment the repub VP is under investigation for impeachable offenses in Alaska so said radio news today. She was under investigation at the request of republicans when she was chosen.McCain judgement is impaired a great deal. Bush and Cheney sent two lawyers to Alaska to squash the investigation instead of allowing Palin to answer to the charges in a court of law. The never ending criminal activitybeginning with Watergate,Iran Contra,Savings and Loan rip off plus much more never ceases to amaze me. The republican party stands behind this crap.

Uhlrick_Hetfield_III 8 years ago

Yeah honey, and that's the way we want to see you running the state, from far, far, away. Take you and your sleazy republicrat pals as far away as you can so that we can work on electing real Democrats and rid our party of the All Sebelius Show.

Larry Bauerle Jr. 8 years ago

Actually, the state constitution forbids anyone from serving more than two consecutive terms, not two terms. If she would wish to do so, Mrs. Sebelius could run again after the next governor serves a first term. Not likely, but possible. Thought I would add this in between reading about sports.

TheYetiSpeaks 8 years ago

I would expect Kathleen to do what Kathleen does best: Work in the best interest of her career, and not the state of Kansas. So this story surprises me very little. As for Puggy's comments above, I think its very misleading to say that Kathleen is responsible for some of the positive things that have happened here and I also think you are ignoring some of the negatives that are happening in Kansas as in the rest of the country. I am not a republican or a democrat but I have become weary of Kathleen's grandstanding and political posturing. I look forward to the day that we get someone in the governor's office who actually cares about Kansas.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 8 years ago

"The Obama campaign owes the State of Kansas for the salary paid to Sebelius while she is on Obama business."Maybe so, but I'm not aware of job descriptions for elective offices of any kind. I think we need them, and they should include clear limits on campaigning, no matter who it's for. But our elections are ridiculously out of control, and elected officials spending too much of their time campaigning is just one part of the problem.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 8 years ago

"I don't reckon the RNC is footing the bill for air force one's gas on those little junkets."The way the rules are set up, the RNC picks up about 5% of the cost of such campaigning, and the taxpayers the other 95%. Fortunately for the taxpayers, no one wants Bush campaigning for them these days.

Lindsey Buscher 8 years ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

Godot 8 years ago

The Obama campaign owes the State of Kansas for the salary paid to Sebelius while she is on Obama business.

ReadingSports 8 years ago

"Sebelious' only interest is keeping Kansas the Late-term Abortion Capital of America."Thanks, I forgot, I would like to add accessory to tiller's bloody mayhem to my previous description of Sebelious.So Hawking uses a blackberry? Wow I did not know that. Well then I rescind my previous comments...So that I can say them again!

situveux1 8 years ago

A 24/7 job and yet she's able to campaign in 25 different cities across 9 different states. I guess it's a good thing she only 'campaigns on the weekends.' Because the weekends aren't 24/7 you know.

MyName 8 years ago

Tom Shewmon:>Let's just say for the fun of it, she could run again, I think we all know what the outcome would be.Yes, she'd win because the Republican party would, again, run a right-wing zip head that only appeals to 30% of the state while our Governor would run a campaign that appeals to 60% of the state. Shallenberger, Phill Kline and their ilk can't win in a statewide election because the moderate Republicans and the Democrats always pick the moderate candidate.But hey, go ahead and try to pick on a woman who has already had more success in life than you ever will.

BrianR 8 years ago

Because of term limits, Gov. Sebelius cannot run for governor again. Perhaps you should read something besides sports.

Phillbert 8 years ago

"McCain can't use a computer because of his war injuries."I guess when Sen. McCain himself said he was learning how to use a computer, he must have been unaware of that fact.

billbodiggens 8 years ago

Kind of late getting into this, but Puggy writes: "Hm, a democrat in office as governor and Kansas has not really felt the worst effects of the "economic crisis", particularly with home foreclosures." What that all about? Whether a good govenor or a bad govenor, the governor's office has so little to do with any home foreclosures that it is hardly worth mentioning. In fact do not mention it as it cannot be substantiated in any fashion.

kidicarus 8 years ago

What disability prevents McCain from using email, Lee? Just asking.

LiberalDude 8 years ago

If McCain can't figure out a way to use a computer even with his mysterious "war injuries" I don't think he has what it takes to be president. Can McCain talk??? There are computers that use voice recognition! This is the lamest excuse that I've ever heard.

ENGWOOD 8 years ago

The best thing for Kansans is to keep Obama's Mama the hell out of Kansas!!!!!!!

Chris Johnson 8 years ago

Funny, I remember about a year ago wondering if Republican Senator Sam Brownback had been elected from Iowa rather than from Kansas.

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