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DIY crafts: cranberry vase

November 29, 2008


DIY Cranberry Vase

DIY Cranberry Vase

Sure, the stores are filled with beautiful premade decorations this time of year. But do you really want your home to look like everyone else’s?

HGTV designers were challenged to find what they could easily create out of two cheap, easy-to-find Christmas decorations: glass balls and cranberries, faux or real.

The visions were astonishingly diverse — from creating a holiday clock to wine glass “jewelry.” Here is the first of their designs, which will run periodically in the Journal-World for the next two weeks:


By Angelo Surmelis

Host of “Rate My Space” and designer from “HGTV’s Home for the Holidays”


* Two clear glass vases or tall bowls of similar size, but one slightly smaller in diameter and height than the other (one should fit into the other)

* Favorite flowers, preferably white

* Fresh cranberries


* Fill smaller vase with water and place inside large one.

* Fill gap between the vases with cranberries all the way to the top, so smaller vase is no longer visible.

* Arrange flowers in the center vase.


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