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Lawrence police seek two men in connection with Oread Neighborhood robbery

November 26, 2008


Police look to public to ID robbery suspects

Lawrence police are looking for the public's help in identifying two robbery suspects. Enlarge video

The two suspects shown are wanted for questioning by the Lawrence Police Department in reference to an aggravated Robbery on November 5, 2008.

The two suspects shown are wanted for questioning by the Lawrence Police Department in reference to an aggravated Robbery on November 5, 2008.

Lawrence police are seeking information about two men wanted for robbing two Kansas University students, a police spokeswoman said. Detectives released a picture of the suspects late Wednesday.

The men are wanted for questioning regarding an aggravated robbery about 2:30 a.m. Nov. 5 at a home in the 1100 block of Ohio, police said. A police report said $2,450 worth of personal belongings, including a laptop computer, were taken from a 21-year-old and a 22-year-old. One of the victims lives at the home.

The suspects are reportedly driving a two-door red Honda Civic and may be in Wichita, police said. The front of the car is damaged.

Police spokeswoman Kim Murphree said anyone with information on the suspects should call police at 832-7501. You can also call tips into the Crimestoppers hotline, 843-TIPS.


jhwk2008 9 years ago

Over three weeks ago? Did they just develop the pictures?

Bone777 9 years ago

Arsenio Hall or Wesley Snipes?!?

XEPCT 9 years ago

$2,450 including a laptop? ... smells like small time dealers got jacked...

Mike Blur 9 years ago

Well I'll go ahead and speculate and throw chum out to the right-wing commenters on this forum. November 5 at 2:30 am was a few hours after we elected a new president. These thieves appear to be in a celebratory mood. I'll speculate that a couple young, naive, female KU students hosted them for the night and woke up to some missing property. It's telling that the victims had high-resolution photos of the perps, plus a description of their vehicle and possibly their license plate (SG County.) Even in the best of times, no one should let their guard down for a second against con men.

Danimal 9 years ago

I'll buy that Mike. That's a really good point that people usually don't have pics of their assailants clowning around. Although I guess it doesn't say the gender of the victims, so they could've been dudes that got robbed.I think saying the victims are small time dealers is a bit of a stretch. Laptops are still expensive, especially if you buy a Mac. Throw in a couple ipods and a digital camera or something and you can get to $2400 pretty quickly.

whatupdown 9 years ago

Looks like they forgot the camera.

somebodynew 9 years ago

I might be wrong, but that looks more like a security camera photo than a personal camera shot. I am guessing from wherever this group met up before going to someone's home for an "after hours" party.

Buggie7 9 years ago

That is def. not a security camera. That looks like a camera phone camera. They will not have a security camera with a shot that close with that clarity.

somebodynew 9 years ago

I'm thinking the LPD has video enhancement capability, which also accounts for the delay in releasing it. Just a hunch tho.

yellowhouse 9 years ago

Yes it was a mac, and Ipod. Yes they met the dudes, did not know them, brought them home to their pad, and "passed out" and when they woke up their stuff was gone. Very sad, they were calling around different businesses trying to find their stuff several weeks ago.Their stuff won't show up in the Yellow House, because the word on the street among thieves is "don't mess with the Yellow House!" Or the big black man will be after you!

rousseau108 9 years ago

It wouldn't be an aggravated robbery if they just passed out and found their stuff missing when they woke up.

leadstone 9 years ago

Sounds like they took the phrase "Make yourselves at home" to heart. Speaking of phrases, it's Puff-Puff Pass not Puff-Puff Passout.

Judgesmails 9 years ago

that idiot has been watching too many rap videos.......

oneflewover 9 years ago

What a worthless culture. They look ridiculous and act like primates.

XEPCT 9 years ago

rousseau is correct ... if the people "passed out" and then discovered their stuff missing, it would be grand larceny.

bearded_gnome 9 years ago

rousseau is correct … if the people “passed out” and then discovered their stuff missing, it would be grand larceny.unless the boys gave the girls something to help them pass out like a date rape drug? now, am just speculating based on the content of the ljworld article and postings by other anonymous posters. daterapers for Obama, wow, would be "spreading the wealth around."

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