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November 24, 2008


'World Tour' (game)

“Guitar Hero” was left playing catch-up last year when “Rock Band” introduced drums and vocals into the music-game mix. Well, consider “Guitar Hero” caught up, and then some.

The full “World Tour” package includes an updated guitar (larger, with a touch-sensitive secondary fret pad), its own drum set (with three drum pads, a bass drum pedal and two “cymbals”) and a microphone. The game is compatible with “Rock Band” instruments and vice versa.

“World Tour” has an excellent new feature: its song editing mode, in which players can create their own tunes with guitar, bass, drum and keyboard parts, and share them online.

Both “World Tour” and “Rock Band 2” have similar game play and an extensive selection of songs, both on the disc and for download. Each has online and offline modes, group play for bands, and a career mode that unlocks songs, venues and other goodies.

Microsoft Xbox 360, also for Sony PlayStation 3, PS2, Nintendo Wii; $59.99; other versions $49.99 to $59.99 (game only)

Age rating: Teen

‘A Hundred Miles or More’ by Alison Krauss (DVD)

Looking for a Christmas gift for the Alison Krauss fan in your life? This is it: “A Hundred Miles or More: Live From The Tracking Room.”

Krauss, who began her recording career with Rounder as a 13-year-old bluegrass fiddle player 24 years ago, has branched out into pop, country and rock. She’s sold more than 10 million albums and collected 21 Grammys — the most of any woman in any genre.

The new DVD features a variety of musical styles — including a couple of bluegrass tunes, “Sawing on the Strings” with Tony Rice, Sam Bush and Stuart Duncan and “Shadows” with Rice on guitar.

The DVD also includes three Krauss duets: “How’s the World Treating You” with James Taylor, “Whiskey Lullaby” with Brad Paisley and “Lay Down Beside Me” with John Waite.

Krauss has never sounded better — and that’s saying a lot. Her version of “Jacob’s Dream,” a song based on a true story of two little boys lost in the mountains, is one of the most emotional songs Krauss has ever recorded. It’s a classic.

Can’t find it in stores? Try

‘Privileged’ (TV)

The future for “Privileged” is looking bright.

The CW has ordered five more episodes of its earnest, yet lighthearted soap, “Privileged,” according to media reports.

Just last month, the network had ordered two more scripts. All told, the grand total comes to 18 fun-filled hours of West Palm Beach drama. In addition, The CW will shift “Privileged” temporarily to Mondays in the “One Tree Hill” slot following “Gossip Girl” for the first two weeks of December.

Repeats of “Privileged” will play in its normal Tuesday slot following “90210.”

The order and the move are signs of support for the show that has been showing modest growth in the ratings.

“Privileged” stars Joanna Garcia as Megan Smith, a bright-eyed Yale grad who becomes the live-in tutor to wealthy and spoiled twins in Palm Beach.


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