Behind the Lens: Photo demonstrates visual technique technique

This fall scene was captured by Meryl Carver-Allmond in mid-October in Meramec Spring Park, Mo.

For this week’s column, I invited readers to submit photos that originated from three assignments. The assignments were called ‘Tis the Season, A Sporting Time and Election 2008.

My pick for this round of entries is a moody autumnal shot by Meryl Carver-Allmond. Carver-Allmond took the photo in mid-October in central Missouri’s Meramec Spring Park.

This photo does a nice job using the visual device I wrote about in my last column — dominant foreground, contributing background. The viewer’s eye easily lands on the single leaf and the tree trunk crossing diagonally across the frame. The out-of-focus background at upper left, adds information but does not detract from what the photographer chose to focus on. The colors are also very rich in this photograph which was probably made possible because of the overcast day.