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Four uses for vinegar

November 16, 2008


Woman's Day shows why vinegar is not just a tangy dressing for your lettuce and tomato, with four reasons to pull that bottle from out of your cupboard.

¢ Clean a coffee maker: Get rid of stains and mineral deposits by filling the reservoir with 1 part white vinegar, 2 parts water, and brewing. Repeat every three weeks.

¢ Prevent colors from running in your wash: To keep new clothes or towels from losing color, soak them in 1 part vinegar, 1 part cold water for 15 minutes before washing.

¢ Kill grass and weeds: Pour vinegar on upshots between bricks and flagstones. The acidic component kills weeds in one dousing.

¢ Freshen wilted vegetables: Perk up soggy leafy vegetables by soaking them in 2 cups cold water mixed with 1 tablespoon vinegar for 20 minutes. Rinse, dry and serve.


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