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Best sellers

November 16, 2008



1. "The Gate House," by Nelson DeMille (Grand Central, $27.99). In a sequel to "The Gold Coast" (1990) a tax attorney and his ex-wife explore a reconciliation.

2. "Extreme Measures," by Vince Flynn (Atria, $27.95). Mitch Rapp teams up with a CIA colleague to fight a terrorist cell - and the politicians who would rein them in.

3. "The Brass Verdict," by Michael Connelly (Little, Brown, $26). Harry Bosch and Mickey Haller (the Lincoln lawyer) team up to find a killer.

4. "The Lucky One," by Nicholas Sparks (Grand Central, $24.99). A Marine returning home sets out to track down the woman whose photo he found in Iraq.

5. "A Good Woman," by Danielle Steel (Delacorte, $27). An American society girl who made a new life as a doctor in World War I France returns to New York.


1. "Dewey," by Vicki Myron with Bret Witter (Grand Central, $19.99). The kitten left freezing in the returned-book slot of an Iowa public library, and his rise to fame.

2. "Against Medical Advice," by James Patterson and Hal Friedman (Little, Brown, $26.99). A family's struggle to get treatment for their son's Tourette's syndrome.

3. "The Snowball," by Alice Schroeder (Bantam, $35). The life of billionaire Warren Buffett.

5. "A Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity," by Bill O'Reilly (Broadway, $26). The combative Fox News commentator on his upbringing and career.

6. "Hot, Flat and Crowded," by Thomas L. Friedman (Farrar, Straus & Giroux, $27.95). How a green revolution can renew America.


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