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Taliban urge end to Bush’s foreign policies

November 12, 2008


— Taliban insurgents battling the U.S.-backed Afghan government urged President-elect Barack Obama to change course in U.S. foreign policy and withdraw American troops from both Afghanistan and Iraq, an Internet monitoring service said Tuesday.

The message posted on a Web site used by the Taliban claimed Obama's victory "reveals the collective willingness of American people not to continue the current despicable and anti-human wars in Afghanistan and Iraq," SITE Intelligence Group said.

The authors claimed that Obama had promised to end Bush's policies pledging to "recover the dwindling American economy and find a niche in the comity of nations."

But while Obama has said he intends to draw down U.S. troops levels in Iraq, he has repeatedly called for an increase in troops in Afghanistan to combat a resurgence of the Taliban and al-Qaida.

The president-elect has also backed U.S. military strikes in the lawless and rugged border region of Pakistan, which the U.S. says has become a safe haven for extremists carrying out attacks in Afghanistan.

In Washington, the Obama transition team declined to comment.


Kryptenx 9 years, 6 months ago

Where is the endorsement? I see the Taliban trying to appeal to Obama's willingness to work with other nations in vain. If anyone thinks that Obama is going to pull troops out of Afghanistan, they're crazy. Afghanistan should have been our focus all along. The Taliban never had a major presence in Iraq until the US invaded. Barack has consistently echoed these feelings, and just because he stated he would hold talks with hostile states without preconditions does not mean he is a soft-skinned fool.

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