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Ambler honor

November 8, 2008


To the editor:

In this frenetic election season, with campaign stories coming fast and furious, I'm afraid a significant and decidedly nonpolitical story may have been missed by many local readers. It's a story of an outstanding leader who never looked to grab the headlines throughout his long and distinguished career.

Kansas University recently announced that David Ambler's name would be added to the new Student Recreation Center. This is significant because Ambler was not a chancellor of the university, nor did he contribute millions of dollars for the honor. Instead, he was honored for the integrity he displayed and the respect he earned over decades of service to the university and its students as vice chancellor for student affairs.

Too often, thoughtful, unpretentious leaders like Ambler aren't properly recognized for their work behind the scenes and outside the limelight. I was thrilled to read that Ambler was so honored. He worked diligently with - and on behalf of - KU students, for the betterment of the university community. He was a mentor to many and an advocate for all. Congratulations, Dr. Ambler!

David Day,


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