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Analysts: Boyda’s tactics cost her 2nd District

November 6, 2008


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— Republicans put a target on Nancy Boyda moments after she beat incumbent Rep. Jim Ryun in 2006.

Their campaign to reclaim the 2nd District ended with Lynn Jenkins' victory Tuesday night.

Officials with both parties said Wednesday that the Democrat set her own defeat in motion by shunning outside assistance and cash to mount a vigorous defense of the freshman's seat in Congress.

Jenkins, a two-term state treasurer, beat Boyda by more than 14,500 votes in the 26-county district. In addition, two third-party candidate drew close to 5,000 votes apiece.

Boyda was the only Kansas incumbent to lose Tuesday and only one of four Democratic freshmen nationally to be defeated.

The dynamics that swept Boyda into office shifted in 2008. In 2006, voters were angry with Congress and its complicity in the Bush administration's decision to go to war in Iraq while ignoring domestic issues.

Boyda ran an aggressive, independent campaign that argued Ryun had forgotten his constituents and change was needed.

Boyda tried the same tactics this year, but as Kansas GOP executive director Christian Morgan observed Wednesday, "she made the mistake of thinking people voted for Nancy Boyda and not against Jim Ryun."

Jenkins had mounted successful races for treasurer in 2002 and 2006, becoming a familiar name with district voters. Boyda outpaced her in Atchison and Crawford counties, two of the five she won Tuesday.

Dan Watkins, a Lawrence attorney and longtime Democratic activist, said that Boyda didn't adequately address "Jenkins' obvious failings as treasurer."

Finally, Morgan said, Boyda was caught in the trap of feeling compelled to deny every allegation leveled by the GOP.

"When you are explaining, you are losing," he said.


dagopman 9 years, 3 months ago

Nancy Boyda simply wasn't up to the job and the 2nd district voters recognized that fact!

Jason Bailey 9 years, 3 months ago

"When you are explaining, you are losing," he said.Give me a break....sounds good but it's not true. Obama was explaining all over the place leading up to the election. Explaining why Ayers was no big deal, explaining why he shouldn't be accountable for the God d@mn America rantings of Rev. Wright, explaining why he shouldn't be connected with ACORN.....Obama was the epitome of Mr. Explainer and he beat the pants off McCain.Mr. Morgan, that's a part of the problem with the GOP: we think we know what we're talking about but in reality, we blurt "witty" little quotes and sit back and smile....while our opponents take us to the cleaners. It is us who are losing....

jhawks1234 9 years, 3 months ago

Anyone who has seen Jerk Jenkins speak could not vote for her. It is inconceivable that a woman who refused to stoop to the lows established by Jenkins in her disinformation campaign actually lost her post. Nancy did a credible job as our representative, whereas Jenkins lost money that was supposed to be distributed to the counties; completely ignored, several times, her duties on the KPERS board; had no answer to any query as to how she would be of help to Kansas in the legislature; was unfamiliar with proposed legislation affecting the nation; and could not act in a civilized, respectful manner to the incumbent. Nancy attempted to keep the issues in the forefront rather than be sidetracked by innuendo, misstatements, and plain ignorance of the facts by Jenkins: Jenkins sneered. It is a sad, sad commentary on the state of the district's voters that they value the kind of incivility and lack of knowledge shown by Jenkins than the actual record of good accomplished by Boyda. The state--and the nation--deserve much better and the record to be compiled by Lynn Jenkins in her new post will be the comeuppance those who voted for her deserve. I'm only sorry that we as a state and a country must put up with her for even one term, as will you be.

unlawflcombatnt 9 years, 3 months ago

I had always been impressed with Boyda as a Congresswoman. She was right on her opposition to illegal immigration, and her specific plans to reduce it. She was right on her positions and vote(s) against free trade & outsourcing. She was right on her vote against the $700 billion bailout of Wall Street Welfare Queens.Several weeks ago, I watched 1 of the televised debates between Boyda and Jenkins from my home in California.Boyda was outstanding. Her positions were excellent. Her explanations & delivery were smooth and convincing. Boyda has a considerable amount of personal charisma when speaking. I would have readily voted for her if she'd been in my Congressional district. Jenkins was the exact opposite. Jenkins was not only unimpressive & unattractive, she had poor positions on issues, and explained them poorly. She focused mainly on her negative sound-bites (including false attacks on Boyda) and on her "I'm an accountant" claim-to-fame. She had all the personal charisma of an earthworm. Jenkins was beyond pathetic in the debate. She was a calamity. I've never heard anyone who had so little to offer in a debate. And yet Jenkins won. What did voters see in her? Did big money simply buy enough media coverage to brainwash people into voting Jenkins in to office?

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