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Thellman’s victory means Democrats control Douglas County Commission

November 4, 2008


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Democrat Nancy Thellman won a seat on the Douglas County Commission Tuesday night.

"One of my biggest issues was stewardship of the environment and trying to set aside our best soils for agriculture," said Thellman, an ordained Presbyterian minister.

Thellman defeated Republican David L. Brown, a Vinland-area farmer and rancher and retired Douglas County Sheriff's officer, 9,149 votes to 6,470 votes.

The Second District includes North Lawrence, southeastern Lawrence, Eudora, Baldwin City and the eastern half of the county.

In the last year, Thellman helped lead opposition to proposed industrial development near the Lawrence Municipal Airport saying prime agricultural soil needed to be protected. She also credited Brown for his work in the race.

Brown said he did his best and that both candidates stuck to the issues, such as the county's role in a tough economy.

"I do have to credit the Democratic committee because they were very active," he said.

Thellman's victory means that Democrats now have a majority on the commission. Thellman takes over the seat of Republican Bob Johnson.

Republican Jim Flory, who won in the Third District Tuesday night, will join Thellman and Democrat Charles Jones on the new commission in January.


WilburM 6 years, 6 months ago

Interesting, probably the single most important outcome for all Douglas county residents (a D majority on the three-person county commission), and not a single comment (as opposed to lots on the boyda-Jenkins race, which probably does not affect things here one iota).

Richard Heckler 6 years, 6 months ago

Actually the more housing that is built in Lawrence and Douglas County the more it depreciates existing residential not only due to the sub prime fiasco but because the market has been over built for sometime. A saturated retail market = negative economic growth which is now what we have.If both of the above were paying back to the county and city, taxpayers would likely no be experiencing increased user fees and increased sales taxes. It is my speculation that high paying light industrial should have been the primary focus over residential and retail construction. It is the good paying jobs that create new wealth for a community. Whereas new residential has never actually paid for itself and a flooded retail both create revenue liability.Wouldn't taxpayers rather have economic growth that keeps our personal property tax increases at 3%-4% annually instead of never knowing from one year to the next what the hell may happen?

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