Letters to the Editor

Lunch kindness

November 4, 2008


To the editor:

We are members of the city of Lawrence senior community and believe our city is the greatest place to live. This fact was illustrated again recently when members of our Liberty Memorial High School class of 1943 got together for lunch. We met at the La Tropicana Mexican Restaurant on Locust Street in North Lawrence. We were set up at a long table in the center of the dining room. When we went to leave, our waitress told us that a young couple took care of our group's bill. They had asked who our group was. The waitress didn't know the couple and she did not remember seeing them before.

Members of the class of 1943 have been meeting for lunch each month since 1963. To our knowledge nothing like this has ever happened before. We truly appreciate the recognition and the gift of a free lunch. Thank you!

We wonder if this couple are residents of Lawrence or maybe graduates of one of our high schools.

Stanley Harris,
for the LMHS class of 1943


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