KU using music to drown out chant

In an ongoing effort to curb an obscene football chant, Kansas University has begun to play music longer during kickoffs.

Jim Marchiony, an associate athletics director, said music that had previously only preceded kickoffs is now continuing during the play as well.

The song, Zombie Nation’s “Kernkraft 400,” had played before the kickoffs until the second half of the game against Texas Tech, Marchiony said.

During the second half against Texas Tech, and for every KU kickoff Saturday against Kansas State, the song continued after the kickoff in an effort to quell the “rip his (expletive) head off” chant.

The chant continued to persist after kickoffs, even though football coach Mark Mangino and the KU student newspaper have asked students to stop. Marchiony said he thought the song had an impact on the ability of others to hear the chant.