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Couple weds on Halloween

Groom wanted ‘least stressful’ holiday

November 2, 2008


— Halloween's haunts and chaos stood still at the Reno County Courthouse's third floor Friday afternoon as Cameron Stapleton, 23, dressed in a black shirt with a painted-on tuxedo, waited to pledge eternal love to his fiancee, Crystal Mann, 19.

Mann said they wanted to marry on a day that most people wouldn't think of.

And it's Stapleton's favorite holiday.

"It's the least stressful," he said.

The door to the courtroom opened, and Judge Tim Chambers was ready to begin the ceremony.

The bride's 4-month-old cousin, Christopher Avery, hopped in his family's arms dressed as the Winnie the Pooh character Tigger.

Not to be outdone, the bride's nephew, Deryk Lyon, 1, dressed as Superman - or "Superbaby," as the family called him - flew in his dad's arms.

The groom's mother, Charlotte Keller, also obliged, attending the ceremony wearing her jack-o'-lantern shirt. She couldn't find her cow costume, she said.

"It's the only Halloween shirt I have," she said.

Dressing up, Keller hoped, would ease Stapleton's wedding-day nerves, and it seemed to work when Stapleton announced his orange-clad mother's arrival.

Keller said at first she was reluctant about the two getting married on Halloween, but she's happy now.

"I'm glad he can find someone he can spend the rest of his life with," she said. "Someone who can take care of him."


Beth Ennis 9 years, 6 months ago

My Aunt and Uncle got married on Halloween 62 years ago. I just spoke with her today and she said they went out to dinner this year instead of handing out halloween candy like they normally do. I hope this couple has as wonderful a life as my aunt and uncle have had.

denak 9 years, 6 months ago

This is a great story. I know some people will say that they are minimizing marriage by not taking it seriously but I think they have the right idea right off the bat. They didn't go into debt to pay for their wedding and they have a sense of humor about things. Both of these things will serve them better in their marriage then an over the top wedding.Good for them and I wish them all love and happiness.Dena

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