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Interviews begin for CJHS principal

May 29, 2008


Lawrence school district administrators will interview candidates for the Central Junior High School principal position today.

Then a field of finalists will interview with a team of school staff members and an advisory committee of parents and students early next week, said David Cunningham, the district's division director for human resources for certified staff.

The job came open at the end of April when third-year Principal Frank Harwood was hired to be the district's division director of technology to replace Mike Eltschinger, who is retiring.

Administrators had said they wanted to test the waters to see who would be interested, even though the position came open late in the school year.

"The quality is there, and thus, we're going to go ahead and proceed with the interviews," Cunningham said.

He would not disclose the number of candidates, but he did say people who work inside and outside the district have applied. After the interviews, Superintendent Randy Weseman will consult with the school advisory committees and make a decision about whether to extend an offer.


Lawrencereader 10 years ago

And it's obvious that you don't know Mr. Harwood or all the good he has done at Central.

motherof4 10 years ago

I knew Frank Harwood would not last long at Central. His heart was not in it like Ted Juneau. I hope they find someone with heart that will help the children thrive at Central.

Take_a_letter_Maria 10 years ago

Don't they mean Randy will sit in the room and ignore the recommendations of the parents and staff, then hire whoever he damn well pleases? That's how Myron Melton got his job at West. The only real surprise is that MM hasn't moved up to a district level job already.

Lawrencereader 10 years ago

As a parent, how often were you in the school to even notice? People are quick to make judgments based on no real information.

motherof4 10 years ago

I just had my third child go thru Central and I was not impressed at all with Mr. Harwood! I never say 110% from him. Most of time I felt he did not want to be there!

motherof4 10 years ago

I was at Central more than most parents.I am just happy he has moved on and I knew from the moment he started at Central that he would not be there very long!Everything happens for a reason!

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