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20-year-old man dies from apparent lightning strike at Pomona Lake; three others injured

May 24, 2008


— The Osage County Sheriff's Department and the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks are investigating a possible lightning-related death at Pomona State Park.

A 20-year-old man was found dead this morning in the park, near Vassar. Officials are withholding the man's identity until his family is notified. Three other people were transported to Overland Park Regional Medical Center with possible lightning-related injuries.

Pomona State Park and lake are about 30 miles south of Topeka and 20 miles west of west of Ottawa. Vassar is on the lake's south side.


bearded_gnome 10 years ago

wow. and life ends in a flash. hope the other three make it okay. lightning injuries can be problematic, often for a lifetime. thanks for the details Doc1

bearded_gnome 10 years ago

lightening kills. I hope further info is released so the mode of electrocution can be identified so to warn others. with a group like that, I wonder if they were in a boat. whope this man's family has support, obvilously this was an unexpected death. God keep them.

doc1 10 years ago

They all were in a tent together.

been_there 10 years ago

Nature has a way of reminding us that there are some things we can't control.

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