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Mangino, KU working on new contract

May 23, 2008


Kansas University is close to reaching a new agreement with football coach Mark Mangino, the Journal-World has learned.

Fresh off a 12-1 season in which the Jayhawks won the Orange Bowl, associate athletic director Jim Marchiony said that Mangino and athletic director Lew Perkins are working on a new deal.

"They've almost got his contract re-done," Marchiony said. "They're working on it right now. They're just down to a few little things, and when it's done they'll release it."

Specific details weren't known, but the new deal expects to come with an increase in pay. Mangino signed his most recent contract before the 2006 season, a deal which paid him $1.5 million annually.

At the time, Mangino had just one winning season under his belt. But 2007 was a season for the record books at KU. Under Mangino's leadership, the Jayhawks went 12-1, won the Orange Bowl and ranked among the nation's best statistically in both offense and defense.

In addition to his base pay, Mangino received close to $200,000 in performance bonuses for certain goals attained in 2007, including being named national coach of the year and getting his team to a BCS bowl.

Marchiony said he knew of no timetable for Mangino's new deal getting finished.

"What Lew said to me was that they're almost done with it," Marchiony said. "We fully expect Mark to be here for a long time."


vegetablegirl 10 years ago

Yout got it PeteJ! Not only are they jealous of Mangino's success, they are probably clueless about the effort that goes into being a college athlete.

tunahelper 10 years ago

how about all the pizza you can eat?

Boston_Corbett 10 years ago


PeteJayhawk 10 years ago

Oh, yay, it's the idiot contingent. So jealous about coaches making a lot of money, eh? Well cut your hair and move out of the trailer - you too can make something out of yourself!

clyde_never_barks 10 years ago

Maybe they should include a clause that requires bariatric surgery.

Mangino_saurus 10 years ago

How much money do these people really need? I'm sure the raise is a "cost of living" raise, seeing how food and fuel are going up. It's obvious he eats too much, and I'm sure his Lincoln SUV, even though it is rated for 15 MPG City, only gets 5 MPG hauling his over weight @!# around. Pay structure for professionals in this country is so screwed up.

Steve Jacob 10 years ago

Not sure they need to give him a big raise, after what he did this year, and nobody even asked him for an interview, you know he is not the type of person that will get a top-10 job. You know, the Michigan and UCLA jobs. But he did earn a few years on the dotted line, that he worked hard for.

penguin 10 years ago

I doubt that Mangino would never be offered a top tier job, but even if he is not I could care less. He has done and will continue to do a great job here. He has shown that he will not ride his BCS success out of town into another job...he should not be ridiculed for doing so. Also really if the only knock against him is that he is overweight...well then I hope all of you have no one in your life who is overweight and has to deal with your mean ways...also really saying he is overweight is like saying Joe Pa is know what neither seem to be inhibited from doing their jobs at the highest level.I am glad Mangino is being rewarded and for those who dislike him I suggest you check into joining the ranks of some fans just to the west of us. I beg you can have fun with Ron Prince and JUCO State University.

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