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Lawrence filmmakers earn national release

May 23, 2008


Lawrence natives Ethan Shaftel and Alec Joler have struck a deal with Warner Home Video, resulting in Tuesday's release of their debut feature "Suspension." The independent sci-fi thriller was shot primarily in Lawrence during the fall of 2005, and the plot involves the descent into madness of one man who gains the ability to stop time. "As an independent filmmaker, you're used to being in complete control," says co-director Shaftel of the distribution deal. "You might have limited money or resources, but no one is telling you what to do. But once we had made the deal with Lightyear Entertainment and Warner Bros., suddenly there are other people with a vested interest in the film. ... Suffice it to say, we'll be a lot more prepared next time we go through this!" Shaftel says the DVD includes a 12-minute featurette called "Suspension: Making the Visual Effects." The piece includes a step-by-step explanation of how specific effects shots were done, including the original storyboards, raw footage where all the wires and miscellaneous motion were still visible, and interviews with cast and crew regarding their experiences on the set. "Making the featurette was the most fun I've had since shooting the movie," Shaftel adds. The DVD lists for $19.98 at retail outlets, and is also available directly from the filmmakers at


lilsuzy 10 years ago

Yea!! Can't wait to get my copy, congrats on the deal Ethan and Alec!!

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