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KU students offer recycling plan

May 20, 2008


Students in the class of Kansas University design professor Michael Eckersley created a multipoint plan for Lawrence to implement a curbside recycling program without increasing monthly trash rates. Here are some key points from their plan:

¢ By 2015, convert all the city's trucks to automated trash trucks. Use the employees who previously staffed the trucks to operate a new recycling sorting center and other recycling-related activities.

¢ Reduce trash service to every other week. In other words recycling pickup would happen on one week, while trash service would occur the next. The class said this may require individuals to begin composting their food scraps.

¢ Sell advertising on the side of trash trucks to generate more revenue for recycling operations.

¢ Create a system where recycling collection trucks are weighed after each route. Households on routes that produce the most recycled material would receive a reward.


newsreader 10 years ago

Nice in theory... sounds like a lot more overhead to me, but who knows.

Charles L. Bloss, Jr. 10 years ago

I'd like to smell the city after two weeks of rotting food sit around waiting to be picked up. Thank you, Lynn

Rickyonealku 10 years ago

In Norman, Oklahoma they have a box for the recycled goods and the polly cart for pickup. Once a week both are picked up wow it's just amazing how much stuff we have recycled and it really has worked out for us in Norman, Oklahoma. Lawrence, Kansas people will also be amazed how much stuff can be recycled. GOOD FOR GREEN!!!

fletch 10 years ago

In Dallas, we get two giant rubber bins on wheels for waste pickup. One is for general refuse, and one is for recycling. If the lid doesn't close, or if you put trash in your recycling bin, they don't pick up either. Let me tell you, if you screw up once and you have to live with trash backing up into your house or garage, you change your habits quick. Now I've got multiple trash cans for different recyclables (makes it easier to carry them outside), and I even started composting in my backyard (even though they'll take away 100% of your compostable waste for free if you put them in compost bags next to your trash). It took a little while to change my habits, but having the city put strict rules in place had a lot of benefits down the line.

KS 10 years ago

Well, again my post was taken off. Speaking of KU, where is Mark Mangino moving to? I noticed today that his house is for sale. Two doors up from Lew, I move too. No doubt going to Falls Creek to be with Bill Self.

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