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Dig for bodies begins at Manson hideout

May 20, 2008


— Spooky rumors have persisted for decades that there might be clandestine graves at a secluded ranch used as a hideout by the Charles Manson clan after a 1969 killing spree.

Today, Inyo County Sheriff's investigators and scientists packing portable ground-penetrating radar, magnetometers and shovels will convoy to the Barker Ranch near Panamint Springs on a mission to confirm or end such speculation.

The search is expected to continue through Thursday.

An imprisoned member of the so-called Manson family suggested that bodies were buried at the Barker Ranch. Preliminary tests of soil samples and with search dogs have yielded mixed results.


igby 10 years ago

40 years and now there's a snitch. I guess it takes that long for the effects of the LSD to wear off and them realize that their never going to get out of jail. Had they done this 40 years ago the family would had killed them like Manson's first lawyer, who was found buried in the desert near Las Vegas.

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