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Clenece Hills running for Third District Douglas County Commission seat

May 19, 2008


Clenece Hills on Monday became the first candidate to file for election to the Third District Douglas County Commission seat.

A Democrat, Hills said she is interested in helping the county continue to improve but she has no personal agenda and no ax to grind.

Hills completed the paperwork and made her announcement in the county courthouse surrounded by about 20 supporters.

"Clenece is a leader. She's a good listener. She's a hard worker," said Fred DeVictor, retired director of the Lawrence Parks and Recreation Department.

Hills is probably best known for her work as president of the Lawrence Sesquicentennial Commission and for her long teaching career. She currently is a part-time teacher at South Junior High School.

The Third District position is held by Jere McElhaney, but he is not running for re-election.


coldandhot 10 years ago

Not excited about this. Former KNEA leader. Watch your pocketbooks folks.

dpowers 10 years ago

Thanks, Cold and Beo. As a teacher and a member of KNEA, you both just helped me make my decision (though I don't understand what either one of those has to do with voting for Clenece, or not). It sounds to me like she wants to put a stop to the county commision being the "exclusive club" that it has become. She wants to make the commision more accessible to the public (have the meetings at night, instead of 9:00 a.m. on workdays). Even though she supports the trafficway, she still has my vote!By the way, even though I am a teacher, I did not vote for Hack! What Hack has done has nothing to do with being a teacher.

JHawker 10 years ago

Mrs. Hills would be excellent for this position and I have a great deal of respect for her, I believe she would do an excellent job. -former student and KU graduate

igby 10 years ago

Teacher and Dem, no Dem will win that seat. She might try the City Commission in 2009, along with Moody; what a circus thats going to be.

yankeelady 10 years ago

Why can't a democrat win the seat? It should be based on issues instead of labels.

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