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Fundraisers give boost to Humane Society

May 18, 2008


As I opened up my file to write today's article, I realized that this marks my third anniversary of writing Critter Care. Seems like a good time, then, to tie up some loose ends before heading off into year four. Think of this as sort of a patchwork of Lawrence Humane Society-related things.

Let's start with our upcoming giant garage sale! You've been hearing about it for several months now, and it's growing larger every day. All of our friends have been unbelievably generous with their donations of books, CDs, furniture, art, antiques, games, household items, collectibles, kids things and everything else that properly belongs in a garage sale.

But please make note: We won't be holding the sale at the shelter this time. It will be 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. June 6-7 at 3813 Greenway Drive in the East Hills Business Park. We'll put up signs in the area to direct you. We'll also have a bake sale going on, cold pop and water, and our famous chili dogs and chips later in the morning. All proceeds directly benefit the Lawrence Humane Society.

Next on the agenda: a big "thank you" to everyone who came to the Mutt 'n Strut May 10 and to the corporate sponsors who always assist us. Your generous donations will help us through the summer months when we are busier than usual. The current state of the economy and gasoline prices are hitting us hard, too, and financial contributions just don't go as far as they used to.

And speaking of summer, we'd like to ask all of you to start being vigilant about not only your own companion animals, but also those around you who many not be fortunate enough to have loving and caring owners. Summers bring their own set of problems for animals who remain outdoors. Mosquitoes can spread heartworms, so be sure your dog has had a heartworm test and is on a regular medication to prevent this affliction.

Ticks and fleas are also out stalking a free meal, and both will be just as happy to feast off of you as they will off your animals. No one - man nor beast - deserves to be a walking smorgasbord. Plan to invest in a good medication to prevent these pests on your pets.

A few final summer reminders: water and shade. If you have outdoor animals, be sure they have lots of both to get them comfortably through the hot weather. Remember that we have a tethering law in Lawrence, so you can't leave your animals tied up outside for more than an hour at a time, with three hours in between outings (and shelter must be provided at all times).

If you take your dog jogging with you, also remember that they're a lot lower to the ground than you are, they're wearing fur, and the pavement radiates heat upward. They're going to get hot and dehydrated a lot more quickly.

Finally, remember to keep a bookmark on your computer for the Lawrence Humane Society's Web site. We're constantly updating, so www.lawrencehumane. org is your best source for what's going on at the shelter. We've put up our latest video, and the scrolling calendar will keep you up on the events we have planned. Throughout the summer months, this will include regular fundraisers at local restaurants and other special events such as dog washes, the June 20 Take Your Dog to Work Day (contact the shelter for more information), and the annual downtown Lawrence Sidewalk Sale (July 17).

Our annual Pins for Pets event will take place again this summer as well. It's a week-long bowling extravaganza at Royal Crest Lanes, July 1320. Just mention that you're bowling for the Lawrence Humane Society, and you'll get a lane for $10, of which $5 will go to the shelter. Wayne and Larry's right next door is also offering a special that week to keep you fueled up so you bowl your best. Bring in a flier any time that week, and when you pay for your meal, 15 percent will be donated to us as well.

For more information, you can always call us at 843-6835.

Sue Novak is a board member of the Lawrence Humane Society.


been_there 10 years, 1 month ago

Missed an opportunity to mention the law requiring people walking dogs to clean up after them. It amazes me the number of people that will stare at you while their dog leaves a pile and then walk off. And how stupid can you be not to realize that if you let your dog poop in a school play yard or in front of a school that some kid is going to step in it?

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