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Sloan: Every Kansan should have access to broadband

May 17, 2008


State Rep. Tom Sloan, R-Lawrence, was a speaker during the 41st KMB Invitational Conference on Telecommunications Policies and Practices, conducted in Tampa, Fla.

Sloan was the lone state legislator invited to present during this week's conference, which drew industry professionals, elected leaders and other government officials to discuss and analyze current and future broadband policies, applications and developments.

Sloan's discussion reviewed the status of broadband initiatives in Kansas, one of several such presentations made by others regarding activities in other states.

"My presentation was on the evolving public-private sector partnership developed in Kansas so that every Kansan will have access to high-speed Internet service," Sloan said. "In today's global economy, educational, health care and employment opportunities are dependent on having access to broadband, and I believe that no Kansan should be left out."

Among other topics covered during the conference: Wall Street's perspective on broadband deployment; telehealth opportunities for rural America; the communication and information economy; and the future of the Federal Universal Service Fund.

In Kansas, Sloan has been primary sponsor of legislation to address broadband mapping and deployment issues. He serves on Insurance Commissioner Sandy Praeger's Telemedicine Task Force, which aims to increase use of cost-effective health care monitoring technologies for Kansans suffering from chronic and emergency medical conditions.

He is vice chairman of the House Government Efficiency and Technology Committee, and is a member of the Transportation Committee and Energy and Utilities Committee.


LogicMan 10 years ago

What was Al Gore's implemented telephone tax for the Internet supposed to do? Schools only, or also rural?

Sigmund 10 years ago

Yet another Republican I won't be voting for.

wekan 10 years ago

I think it's great that someone is working on rural broadband. May not matter much to our city, but stands to benefit rural areas of the state significantly.

LiberalDude 10 years ago

Sloan will soon be voted out for his support of Neufeld and the coal plants.

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