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Rash of vandalism occurs throughout city

May 17, 2008


Police seek vandals

Lawrence police are searching for suspects responsible for more than 60 incidents of vandalism overnight. Enlarge video

Lawrence police are searching for suspects responsible for more than 60 incidents of vandalism that occurred Thursday night.

According to a police report, numerous vehicles' windows were shot out with BB guns and tires were slashed. The incidents occurred over a large area of the city, predominantly south of 11th Street, according to a report.

Mary Singleton, a resident who lives in the 900 block of Pennsylvania Street, said her car hasn't been hit yet, but she was worried not only about her property but also about her children.

"It frightens me thinking that I used to let my kids run outside and play," she said. "Now that since cars have been getting vandalized, I'm just scared now, I can't do it unless I'm outside with them."

She said she's hopeful her cars remain untouched, "because you know, we work hard for the things that we do have."

The police department asks anyone with information to call 832-7509 or 843-TIPS.

6News reporter Mark Boyle contributed to this report.


50YearResident 10 years ago

OK Hawk! Lets see south of 11th st., Hmmmm, I think that would be on the south side of town. Vandalism occurs throughout area south of 11th st. The city limits ends at about 31st St. So the east limit is just east of Harper St and the west limit would be within the western bypass. That would exclude Baldwin, Ottawa, Tulsa and Galveston, Texas. That about defines the area. Please ask again if you need more information.

geekin_topekan 10 years ago

South of 11th?That would be an area betwixt Mass. and Harper.Large area indeed.My guess is that the vandalism stopped around 19th.Thats just a guess though.I may be wrong.

deec 10 years ago

Look for someone who just moved to Lawrence from Hays in the last 2 weeks. The exact same thing happened here the first weekend in May. Around 40 cars and/or houses were hit with bb's.

geekin_topekan 10 years ago

Maybe the tire and window industry sent some merceneries out to commit acts of terror or at least allowed this to happen to boost their purse?Hmm?It has happened before.Let me see, what day of infamy was that....?

pennsyl 10 years ago

odd that the video clip as well as the residents interviewed are from north of 11th street.

jfcm77 10 years ago

Unfortunately, I've been reduced to thinging with myself since I moved here.

Tara Painter 10 years ago

Maybe if there was actually thinging for people to do in Lawrnece there wouldn't be so much of a problem.

yoornotmee 10 years ago

Yes, I too wish we had more thinging for people to do in Lawrence.

ilikestuff 10 years ago

busymom, I thought the same thing when I read it. You know whoever did it is combing the news, why tempt them to ding up one's own things?gabbo, you have a very good idea. I'd be interested in contributing to a bounty. Ever seen the Mel Gibson movie, "Ransom"?

Dixie Jones 10 years ago

DEEC we never had this problem till you moved here ( SO KIDDING )

gabbo 10 years ago

These punks shot out my rear window, as well as two of my neighbors. It is going to cost $236 to fix mine. If anybody has any information, call CrimeStoppers, then message me. I'll give another $236 to talk to these kids and their parents. PM me. Seriously.

busymom 10 years ago

Odd that someone allowed their general living area to be published in an article so the vandals she wants to avoid can get closer. (Duh, don't look for your 15 minutes of "fame")

deec 10 years ago cost me over $200 to replace my window. They hit every car on one side of the street in my block.

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