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Old Home Town - 40 years ago

May 14, 2008


Work was due to begin soon on the new Lawrence municipal swimming pool in Central Park. Meanwhile, the leased pool facilities at the Firebird Club at 23rd and Iowa were to be used by the public during the summer of 1968.


le 5 years, 11 months ago

What was the pool called in larrytown that was off of 6th st back in the sixties? I think it was in the area behind the jet lag.....back then we even had one of those slides on top o the hill near the exit 2 hallmark...there was a A&W drive in in that area as well....We had a lotta fun off 6th st back in the good ole days of free love before the bangers started 2 kill our town...I miss the good ole days! We didnt even realize how good we had it back then! Cuz before that era....the good ole days were the50s.....


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