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Old Home Town - 25 years ago

May 14, 2008


Douglas County was gearing up for a May 30 official reopening of Lone Star Lake for recreational use - the first open season in three years at the lake 14 miles southwest of Lawrence. The lake needed about four more feet of water to be up to par, said caretaker Bob Steele. The lake had been drained and the dam had been repaired after numerous problems due to leaks.


le 5 years, 11 months ago

This was a very fun lake growin up as a kid....even up til the was full of air rafts and college girls ...we used to take our Klipsch La-Scalas to the beach and blare the music in my70 El-Camino..all the ladies floated up in front of the music...then came clinton lake and other political driven crap and the lake Died...sad.....I miss that old wooden deck and the paddle boats....ah..great drunkin times in local history!


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