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Teen arrested in stabbing incident

May 8, 2008


Man stabbed at homeless shelter

A nineteen-year-old man was hospitalized Wednesday afternoon after being stabbed at a downtown homeless shelter. Enlarge video

A 19-year-old man was transported to a Kansas City-area hospital Wednesday following a stabbing at the Lawrence Community Shelter, 214 W. 10th St.

Lawrence police responded to the center about 1:40 p.m. According to a police report, Lawrence-Douglas County Fire & Medical transported the victim to Lawrence Memorial Hospital. He later was transported to Kansas City.

Police said investigators were questioning a 19-year-old Lawrence resident in connection with the incident.

He was later arrested and taken to Douglas County Jail on a charge of murder in the second degree.


gr 10 years ago

I hear you!Maybe it's implied that if they transport you to Kansas City, it's all overwith.May 7:'d think by May 8, LJW would know the result. Or, maybe it's an anticipatory murder?

weatherguy48 10 years ago

Wait, what the hell? Keep in mind, I hate stabbings as much as the next guy, and I have no doubt that the suspect is a low-life thug, but murder in the second degree? Did he kill the guy? Either LJW isn't telling us enough or the prosecutor is going through a power trip over this.I'm betting on crappy reporting. Who's with me?

herman 10 years ago

smitty (Anonymous),Let me try to give you answer to your questionWhat does the shelter do to monitor for weapons? NOTHING AT ALLAnything??NO Or are the clients trusted to comply? YES ACORDING TO HENDERSON APARENTLYScary thought, uh?YESIs the outback patio covered area where this stabbing took place?DONT KNOW It appears so by the photo and video but isn't stated.LJW AT ITS FINESTIs there any monitoring of those who come and go from the outside area of the shelter premise?NO The patio is open to anyone coming and going whether resident/client or not.YES The police drive by this patio frequently but what responsiblity has the drunken druggie shelter taken to have a safe house?NONEThe video and photos clearly show Henderson and dog bone baker woman (that screwed up the LINK meal site with her codependency traits) were there in charge of the shelter operations at the time of the attempted murder.YIP BUT I DONT KNOW THE DOG BONE BAKER There is no way that Henderson with his management incompetence can expect any area of town to accept this shelter in their neighborhood or allow them to traffic through it.CORRECT Unfortunately this shelter is in my neighborhood now and the problems are getting more violent.YES, I OBSERVE THE SAME AND LIKE SOMEONE ELSE SAID, NOBODY AKSED OUR NEIGHBERHOOD IF IT WAS OK TO PUT THE DRUNK TANK WHERE IT IS NOW

bigjdbigpapa48 10 years ago

weatherguy48, the suspect is not a low life thug, he is a quiet person who try to get along with everybody. now the real deal is the victum and as mouth is what did it to him.

jafs 10 years ago

Most quiet people who try to get along with others don't stab them.

BeeBee3 10 years ago

Yes Eric, you could. Its called reading and regurgitating what you read. Not twisting words.

Kam_Fong_as_Chin_Ho 10 years ago

On a brighter note, the violent criminal in this story will no longer be homeless. He'll have "three hots and a cot" for a little while. He won't be able to drink as freely as he did at the shelter though.

jaycat 10 years ago

bigjdbigpapa48 r u da weporta 4 dis rtkleWow such an educated town, but the reporters must come form far far away, way way afar.

jaycat 10 years ago

oops should read from not formdarn education gets me every time

Eric Neuteboom 10 years ago

Disagree, warmer, the releases (at least the ones that were linked to) contain more than enough information to, at the very least, make a coherent sentence or two. The second releast clearly states "attempted" murder. I know I'm picking nits, but this is downright crappy writing. I've never taken a J-School class in my life, but I'm sure I could write something better than this.

i_have_only_valid_opinions 10 years ago

I don't care what a person says to you, you don't stab them. That comment was stupid. I'm getting really tired of the piss poor reporting of this damn newspaper.Does anyone know what happened to the dude that killed Crum the other night? I haven't seen any more on that story anywhere.

BeeBee3 10 years ago

The release clearly states that Adam Christopher Mallamo was arrested for ATTEMPTED Second degree murder- which obviously means the guy is ok- which this article suggests otherwise..

daddax98 10 years ago

"... now the real deal is the victum and as mouth is what did it to him."uhhh.....what?

Eric Neuteboom 10 years ago

Seriously, the LJW should be embarrassed by this shoddy reporting. This article provides few relevant details and is confusing as all get out. Bet they don't submit this when they search out awards!

igby 10 years ago

The LJW won an award last year. I don't understand why. The software their using for their online newspaper is far from current but I'm sure thats what someone sold them.

jafs 10 years ago

And, are you suggesting stabbing is justified if you don't like what someboday says?

Take_a_letter_Maria 10 years ago

jafs (Anonymous) says: Most quiet people who try to get along with others don't stab them.--------------------------------------------------------------------------true, but the old saying about pushing that quiet person past their breaking point is also true. you have to learn to never piss off that quiet, easy going person or be ready to deal with the consequences. by saying this, I am in no way condoning the stabbing.

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