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Mock emergency tests medical response

May 8, 2008


Health department conducts anthrax drill

What would happen if Douglas County residents were exposed to deadly anthrax? The county health department conducted a drill today to find out. Enlarge video

"There has been a possible intentional anthrax release in Douglas County."

That was the handwritten message on a sign greeting people on Wednesday when they entered Building 21 at the Douglas County 4-H Fairgrounds, 2110 Harper St.

It was only a drill, albeit an important one, for the Lawrence-Douglas County Health Department. The scenario called for health department staff, volunteers and county emergency first responders to conduct a mass dispensation of medication to people who may have been exposed to anthrax.

"What we hope to learn is being able to get people through a clinic quickly in the event of an emergency," health department spokeswoman Lisa Horn said. "We're taking notes today to see if we're doing things right - if the procedures and operations we have in place are really going to work."

About 100 first responders went through the clinic, just as they would in a real emergency. The first responders would need medical protection first so they could handle their duties. Afterward, in a real emergency, additional mass dispensing clinics would be set up for the public.

Assisting the health department in the drill were Medical Reserve Corps volunteers, the Community Emergency Response Team, Lawrence-Douglas County Fire & Medical, Douglas County American Red Cross and the Douglas County Public Works Department.


geekin_topekan 10 years ago

" a real emergency, additional mass dispensing clinics would be set up for the public."+++Please have your insurance card ready.If you have no insurance or have a pre-existing condition,including but not limited to,diabetes,low or high blood pressure,a history of drug/alcohol abuse,any surgeries or illnesses in the past year,are pregnant or menstrating or have had contact with anyone with any of these symptoms,please step aside and a public health representative will brief you shortly.

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