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Mother’s Day Essays

May 4, 2008


The Lawrence Journal-World asked readers 18 and under for submissions to our Mother's Day Essay Contest, and the results were overwhelming. Throughout this special section are the letters we received. Looking for the contest winners? The mothers featured in two of the essays in this section today will be featured in the Lawrence Journal-World on Mother's Day, May 11.

My mom is special because my mom keeps me safe and she loves me, too. She also takes care of me when I'm ill. My mom is lovely and so sweet. I want to be like her when I grow up. My mom keeps my house and my room clean.

- Kelly Flewelling, 6, Lecompton Elementary School
Mother: Anita Flewelling

My mom is lots of things. She always is so helpful! She is the kind of mom that doesn't get mad when you leave homework to the last minute. She just helps until it's done. She's also very thoughtful, and it shows when she does stuff for me. Oh, and she is hard-working. She has many jobs. Some she doesn't even get paid for - like going grocery shopping, reminding us of things that need to be done and being our chauffeur, taking us places. I'm sure every family has a wonderful mom, but I just feel blessed with mine. I love when she tells us stories of how my dad and her met, as well as just plain silly ones. She is my Super Mom. She can do anything! I guess now you can see why I love my mom so much. Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

- Moriah Barclay, 14, Veritas Christian School
Mother: Cindy Barclay

My Mom doesn't yell. My Mom makes good cookies. My Mom lets me play Wii. She lets me have ice cream. My mom is cool.

- Jack Campbell, 7, Deerfield School
Mother: Kristin Campbell

I love my Mom, Monique, because she is nice. She makes homemade cookies nearly every week. She made it so that I would have a nice summer at camps, but not too much. She drives me places and helps me with homework. These are just some of the main reasons why I love my mom.

- Carter Pilch, 12, Hillcrest School
Mother: Monique Pilch

My mom is special because she loves me and buys good foods like chicken. My mom has a good job at the hospital. She helps a lot of people at the hospital. She is very nice to people, and she is nice to me, too, because she took me and my brother to Wonderscope. My mom lets James and Julia and Conner come over sometimes. And she always takes care of me. My mom also lets Corwin come over, too. She lets me go to Delana and Olivia's house all the time.

- Collin Rossillon, 7, Lecompton Elementary School
Mother: Tammy Rossillon

The most important thing my mom does for me is let me have seven pets. I have a very wiggly tadpole with half-grown legs named Gilligan. I also have a color-changing anole covered in freckles named Spectacle. There is another color-changing Al who is freckle-free and always hungry. I also have a very pretty parakeet named Jade who has a bright yellow head, a teal-colored tail and a brilliant jade green stomach. There is an equally pretty parakeet named Pastel that has a sky blue body and a head the same color as a boiled egg yolk. A third parakeet has a dull gray body, but a dazzling pearl white stomach. Yet another parakeet is in my room - he has a yellow body with light gray stripes on his back - his name is Topaz. All four of the birds live in a metal ferret cage with a purple base. There are some brightly colored vines behind the cage, and several perches hang from the ceiling. The birds' favorite thing to sit on is the big stick sitting horizontally in there in the cage. All four of them sit on it at once. That is the most important thing my mom does for me.

- Michael Quakenbush, 10, Deerfield School
Mother: Lisa Goans

I think my mom is the best mom in the entire world. She is the sweetest and most amazing mom ever. She is understanding, trusting and never forgets anything. My mom listens to the best music and is cool, never embarrassing (well, sort of, in her own special way). Who could ever ask for a better mom than that? I love her so much and want to thank her for rocking so much!

- Maddie Phillips, 13, Baldwin City

My mom is special because she lets us go to Cici's Pizza. And my mom is so cool. Mom is so, so, so sweet. I like my mommy so much.

- Matthew Black, 6, Lecompton Elementary School
Mother: Janice Matthews

I love my mom because she cares for me. She is so great because when my basketball games end she says "good job" and "great game!" I like that because it makes me happy. When I was at school conferences she would be giving me good compliments when I get good grades, she would be hugging me and kissing me.

My mom does a lot for me. She makes me feel better when I am sick. When I get hurt she makes it better. She helped me when I learned to ride my bike. She always helps with my homework. She let me go to some things I have really wanted to go to. She takes pictures when we go on vacation. I like to scrapbook with her.

I love to spend time with my mom because she is so much fun to hang out with. I feel like she is my best friend sometimes. We like to go shopping together. Playing together is so much fun. I love when I come home and she is there. I love our mother and daughter days those are so much fun. Our mother and daughter day is when we go out and do something special. Like we go get our nails done. Going out to eat is nice, too.

My mom makes me happy because she loves me. She is really funny she makes me laugh. I love that we spend time together. I really love her!

- Peyton Brown, 9, Quail Run School
Mother: Casse Brown

I love my mom because she likes to spend time with me and my sister. She makes yummy chocolate chip cookies. I like them because there are lots of chocolate-y, crunchy chocolate chips in them. She makes cheesy macaroni and cheese and good fresh corn. I like the corn because she puts lots of butter and pepper in it. I also love her because she buys me nice clothes. I love the clothes because they look nice and they are some of my favorite colors such as pink, purple, yellow and green. She also gives me hugs when I need them.

She lets me feed my baby sister, too. And she takes me out to fun places like McDonald's, Worlds of Fun and special birthday parties, too. But what I really like about my mom is that she's always there when I need her. MY MOM IS COOL ... I LOVE MY MOM!!

- Grace Porter, 8, Deerfield School
Mother: Bola Porter

My mom is the nicest mom I know, and she is a really nice mom. She is so nice she made me go to Cordley because it's the very best school. I like to play Scrabble with her, and she likes to play it with me. My mom even keeps me real healthy.

- Mia Comparato, 8, Cordley School
Mother: Paige Comparato

My mom plays board games with me. She makes good corn on the cob because she puts butter on it. She plays horse and pig with me. My mom helps me with my homework too. My mom is real nice; she takes me to KU basketball games and to A&W; for root beer floats. She takes me to Royal Crest bowling lanes. My mom takes me shopping at Kohls and Target. She takes me to Wal-Mart and Old Navy to get clothes. My mom takes me to see my cousin Josh. My mom lets me play video games whenever I want to play video games. My mom takes me on trips. My mom lets me wear shorts in 50 degree weather. My mom lets me have ice cream one day a week. My mom lets me have pop two days a week. My mom takes me to downtown Lawrence and get a jersey.

- Ryan Byrn, 8, Deerfield School
Mother: Michelle Byrn

My mom is terrific because she loves me very much. Also, she makes dinner for all of us, most of the time. She kisses me goodnight. Then she reads me a story. She helps me when I fall. Mom makes book at work. She is a true hero and my mom is the best!

- Conner Hartley, 7, Lecompton Elementary School
Mother: Kristi Hartley

My mom is very nice to me. When I'm at my dad's house she cleans my room for me. My mom buys lots of things for me, my brother, and my sister, like toys and clothes. My mom takes us out to dinner. My mom lets me have play day with my friends at my house sometimes. My mom gets us a lot of presents for Christmas and our birthdays and sometimes for no reason. My mom pays a lot of money for me and my brother to do sports, like football and basketball. I love my mom very much for doing things for me. She always gets me up in the morning for school and gets me ready for bed.

- Paige Ledbetter, 8, Cordley School
Mother: Natasha Henson

You know some people say they hate their moms but I love my mom. She is awesome, cool and sweet, she may get mad at me and I may say I don't like her but that's a lie when I'm mad at her and it's a lie when I say that stuff because I'm mad. I can't stay mad at her because she is so special to me. She's been with me my whole life and most importantly if we get mad at each other, we can never stay to mad. I mostly say like mother, like daughter. My mom also takes care of me while I'm am sick and takes me to the doctor. It is my belief that moms are the best thing you could ever have. They are too special not to love them. So in my opinion they are the best of the best of the best. I can't even say all the things my moms done for me so I will just say a few of them. My mom cooks me dinner and also does my laundry, I just love her so much I would die for her. I also want to say she is the very, very, very, very, best mom ever and I love her so much. She is basically half my heart and she has the key to my heart.

- Miranda Sexton, 10, Deerfield School
Mother: Patty Webb

My mom is special because she is so nice. She does the dishes but sometimes my dad does them for her. She is not lazy. My mom also keeps our house cleaned up. My mom is a good girl. My mom does our laundry. She does everything and baby-sits.

- Hannah Kelley, 7, Lecompton Elementary School
Mother: Patrice Kelley

Many people say, "My mom is the best!" But when I say it, I can really mean it. My mom is patient, wise hard-working and beautiful. Although my four other siblings and I can wear her out, she always keeps going! My mom is patient. I am home schooled along with my little brother, and I know that we are not the easiest ones to teach, especially my little brother who is sports-crazy and can't stop moving around. But very rarely does my mom freak out. Instead, she keeps her cool and patiently disciplines us. My mom is also wise. She can give me advice for any aspect of my older sisters' or my life. Whether it is boys or school, she always knows exactly what to say to help me make the right decision. My mom is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. She may not be a model on a magazine or a stick figure, but who would want to hug something that feels like a hard stick? She is beautiful for all she does and not just for the great sense of style she does have. I love my mommy for everything she is!

- Sarah McDermott, 14, home school
Mother: Pam McDermott

My mom is special because she sometimes helps me to clean up my room. She cooks food for us. Mom wakes me up. She keeps me very safe. Mom takes me to the doctor when I am sick. She took me to Worlds of Fun, too!

- Brianne Rodecap, 7, Lecompton Elementary School
Mother: Shannon Rodecap

My mom is so special. She never yells. She tucks me in every night. I love her hugs and kisses. I love her very much. I love her when she teaches me her language. I love her food that she makes for me. She helps me with my homework whenever I need help. She's always there for me. And that's how much I love my mom.

- Lulu Davis, 8, Cordley School
Mother: Carmen Davis

I like my mom when she takes me to the pool. My mom takes me to the park. I love my mom's food. I like the bacon. My mom gives me surprises. My mom makes good cookies. I like chocolate cookies.

- Brianna Conklin, 8, Deerfield School
Mother: Jamie Conklin

I don't think my mom is the best, she just is the best. Her name is Gloria. I think her name suits her because she is very glorious. I couldn't ask for a better mom. She's like, not a piece, but a chunk of heaven. She is very close to being perfect. She is always there for you, will always love you, and she will always care for you. I have never found anything wrong that she has done. I can always count on her.

- Chloe Clement-Carey, 11, Corpus Christi Catholic School
Mother: Glorida Carey

My mom's name is Becky. She makes the best mac and cheese in the world. She shreds bread in the blender it turns into bread crumbs to put on top. She uses cheddar cheese and uses macaroni pasta. She gives great hugs, it makes me feel sweet. She takes me downtown to get ice cream. I get chocolate. She gets raspberry. She buys me clothes from Kohls. My mom has a hamster. His name is taco tuxedo. She takes us to Pet World. My mom takes me and my brother places. My mom takes us to the library. We get movies and books. My mom picks me up from Boys and Girls Club.

- Bailey Johnston, 8, Deerfield School
Mother: Becky Johnston

My mom's name is Jane Patrick. She works at Wheatfields. She is married to Steve Bradt. She loves dogs, especially mutts. She is a boss at Wheatfields. She used to take art classes. I like to go to work with her. She helps me go to bed. She tucks me in and I read a book to her, and sometimes to my brother. She makes the best pancakes. She always tells me goodbye at school.

- Colin Bradt, 7, Cordley School
Mother: Jane Patrick

My mom cooks and bakes really good food. And after I eat it up she will take me to fun places. It's fun! And after a long day at school she helps me with my homework. And she makes fantastic macaroni and cheese. Sometimes when my dad is gone she picks up pizza! When I am dirty she cleans me up! And the 3 important things are: 1. she takes good care of me, 2. she gives me hugs and kisses, and 3. she is nice to me!

- Avery Carr, 8, Deerfield School
Mother: Amy Carr

My mom is the best mom! She is so nice. She usually never shouts. That's why I think she is the best mom.

- Parker Davis, 7, Cordley School
Mother: Jill Davis

I love my mom because my mom makes really, really good spaghetti! I love spaghetti. It is my favorite food. Also my mom takes me to the swimming pool. It's my favorite place in the whole wide world. I love swimming. My mom plays baseball with me. It's my favorite sport. It's the best. My mom flies kites. I like to fly kits. So does my little sister. We both love all these things. We love our mom. She loves us.

- Timmothy Jacobs, 8, Deerfield School
Mother: Aubree McCarty

My mom is very special to me. She is one of the most caring people I know, and amazes me with her abilities. She home schools my sister and I, devoting hours on end each day to teach us several subjects. She drives me to ballet class 5 nights a week, cooks homemade meals every night, and still finds the time to keep the house clean. She has also taught me basic culinary skills and how to sew. She is a great role model. Whenever I have a problem, she is the first person I go to. She always listens to me, and is ready to give me advice any time of the day. She is my number one fan, supporting me in anything I do. She always buys tickets to my ballet performances. She is always ready to lend a hand when a friend is sick. She will make them a homemade meal without even being asked. She never forgets a birthday. A card from her will be the first one you receive on your special day. She is the most beautiful person I have ever known, outside and in.

- Olivia Fox, 14, home school
Mother: Laura Fox

When my mom is with my sister, ha, ha, they can make really, really good jokes. She makes fantastic spaghetti! She makes really good tacos, and they're fantastic tacos!! She buys really good movies. She can buy really, really, really good chocolate! Like Hershey kisses. She cooks really good.

- Noah Lepley, 9, Deerfield School
Mother: Emily Lepley

Who comes in the middle of the night to make sure you're snuggled in tight? Who makes sure you're ready for school the next day? Who will go all out if you need something? Who makes your bed and puts away your clothes before you get home? Who tidies up the pancake mix after you're done and watching TV? Who makes sure you're comfortable when you're sick? Who cleans you up and doesn't get too mad when you come inside covered in mud? Who looks you in the eyes and says, "Have a good day; I love you"? Who makes sure your tummy is full and you're happy? Whose number one point of happiness is pleasing you? Who loves you enough to go to school for half of her life to show you she cares? Who? Mom. Mom makes sure you're happy. Mom makes sure you are having fun always.

- Jessica Holland, 14, Veritas Christian School
Mother: Tara Holland

I love my mom because she is nice. And she takes me to the swimming pool. And she makes really good steak. I like that steak. And she thought me how to play basketball. And she takes me to the park a lot. I love my mom. And she takes me bowling. I love my mom.

- Jimmy Warrington, 8, Deerfield School
Mother: Jacinta Warrington

My Mom helps me with my homework. I almost get all the answers right when she helps me with me with my homework. She plays with me for hours and hours. She takes me down town about 50 to 70 times a year. It's fun. She lets me invite a lot of friends over a lot. She makes really good chocolate pecan pie. It's really crunchy. I love my Mom so much. She gets me a lot of cool stuff that I play with for hours and hours. And she doesn't let my brother beat me up a lot. My Mom takes really good care of me. She doesn't want me to be a bad adult. She wants me to be a good adult.

-James Morton, 8, Deerfield School
Mother: Kimberly Morton

I love my mom because ... she helps me do my homework. My mom makes good food. She drives me places, gives me hugs and kisses, takes me to the park, lets me have friends over, lets us have pets. I love my mom soooooo much!!

- Molly Murray, 8, Deerfield School
Daughter of Robi Murray

My mom is my role model. She has always been there for me. Whenever I hurt myself she was there. Whenever I was sick she was there for me, always asking what I needed or asking if I feel better. I love my mom SO MUCH. I could not survive without her. I once wanted a Wii so bad for my birthday, but we could not find one. I was very sad, so my mom found one and gave it to me for my birthday. It was the happiest day of my life. Overall, I love my mom SO much.

- Brennan Occhipinto, 11, Corpus Christi Catholic School
Mother: Kathy Occhipinto

I like it when my mom cooks mac and cheese. I like it when my mom takes me bowling and swimming. I like it when my mom takes me shopping at Petco. I like when my mom takes me to my aunt's and my grandma's. I like when my mom takes me to McDonald's. I like when my mom tells a story when I was a baby.

- Cole Narcomey, 8, Deerfield School
Mother: Sarah Narcomey

My mom is good at making good macaroni and cheese and ice cream. She loves cooking. I love my mom and she loves me, too. My mom is cool. And she plays with me. And I clean with my mom. My mom is good at making potato salad. And she bought me a rabbit. She recycles things like paper plates and bottles and bottle tops. She likes to recycle things very much.

- Gracynn Scott, 8, Deerfield School
Mother: Ricci Wolken

My mom is the best mom ever. She helps me with my reading, writing and spelling. She cooks the best fried potatoes. She helps me when I get hurt. I love you, Mom!

- Anya Johnson, 11, Corpus Christi Catholic School
Mother: Kathleen Johnson

I like my mom because she makes very good hamburgers and puts ketchup and onions on them. She lets me watch basketball and other sports on TV. She mostly gives me gum, and helps me with my homework. She says if I buy a house we can move to the country. She takes me to lots of places, and gets lots of stuff I want. She goes on my field trips sometimes, too. One of my favorite things is when I go to my grandparent's house, she lets me have coffee. There are many reasons why I like my mom.

- Jonathan Smith, 8, Deerfield School
Mother: Rachel Smith

My mother, sweet and kind. A great music composer. The love she gives is amazing. Her cooking is outstanding. Kind and gentle hands, that help us get through life.

- Ellie Dunlap, 10, Corpus Christi Catholic School
Mother: Julie Dunlap

I love my mom because she does not say a lot of bad words. I love my mom because she cooks good food and dinner like macaroni & cheese. She's so grumpy when she wakes up in the morning she is so tired! She is really, really crazy.

- Dylan Kofford, 8, Deerfield School
Mother: Robin Kofford

My mom is special because she loves me and I love her too. She helps me if I am stuck on a word in a book. She takes care of me when I am sick. She does all the dishes!

- Dalton Kahle, 6, Lecompton Elementary School
Mother: Mindy Kahle

I like it when my mom helps me with my homework. And makes me pizza for lunch. And before bed she gives me hugs and kisses. And plays games with me. And she gives me toys that I really want and buys me Webkinz for me and she lets me play on the computer and she gives me money and she lets me go outside and play with my friends and she puts me in Lawrence girls fast pitch and she takes me to practice and games and she plays Monopoly Junior and takes me to the parks and swimming.

- Delanie Stone, 8, Deerfield School
Mother: Jennifer Moore

My mom is special because when we make something she makes sure everything is even so everybody gets some.

- Hayley Campbell-Zirkel, 7, Lecompton Elementary School
Mother: Andrea Wenger

My mom makes macaroni and cheese and she puts ranch dressing in it. I like playing the Wii with my mom. My take me places like parades and other places. I love my mother. She loves me too.

- Toni Young, 8, Deerfield School
Mother: Kristi Panzer

My mom is special because she is a hero to me. My mom loves me. I love my mom, too. My mom likes me and I like my mom, too. My dad helps my mom and I help my mom, too. My dad helps with flowers for my mom and I help with the groceries.

- Makayla Irvin, 7, Lecompton Elementary School
Mother: Rachel Irvin

My mom must have super powers to take care of my siblings and me. We'll call her super mom. She washes our clothes, cooks us food, takes us fun places, and much, much more. My mom does our laundry every day (I think that's really awesome because I have no clue how to do laundry). Breakfast, lunch and dinner, at almost every meal she cooks for us. That's a lot food; my favorite is potato soup (yummy). My mom drives us almost everywhere. It's almost amazing how she has all these other things she could be doing, but no she's taking care of us. The best thing my super mom does for us is she cares. When I was sick she had to bring me the things I needed to get better, or when I fell off my bike and scraped up both my knees. My mom NEVER stops caring, ever, because she's my super mom.

- Olivia Embrey, 11, Deerfield School
Mother: Julie Embrey

I love my mom very much. I remember the time Weston and I cleaned up the house. She was very happy so we got to do something fun, but I don't remember what it was. For my birthday, she took me to Googles of Fun. I like my mom. She always comes to my programs!

- Wyatt Pringle, 7, Lecompton Elementary School
Mother: Melissa Pringle

When I'm gone my mom Kim takes care of my cat. She waters him feeds him gives him bath. Kim pests him a lot. She likes to feed him. He gets excited. My mom saved my grandpa's bird from my cat. She likes to play with the cat so he's occupied. She takes him to the vet to get his health checked. My mom had to take him to the vet when he got in a cat fight and his leg got messed up. I like my mom because she cares of the cat because he needs to live longer and I love my cat and my mom. My mom knows that I like Scooby so she does as she much as she can to make me and my cat happy. She takes me and the cat on car rides. My mom lets me give the cat bath. It is fun. My mom buys the cat treats and me donuts. She brushes after a bath. He goes crazy and gets mad to. She plays with me and the cat.

- Tyler Kitzman, 11, Deerfield School
Mother: Kim Pickel

My mom is so special because she is very loving. She helped my dad when he was sick. Mom gets up very early. She is kind to me. Mom is helpful to me. She is my hero. Mom is so awesome and cool.

- Haley Kellum, 7, Lecompton Elementary School
Mother: Penny Kellum

My mom cared when I fell of my bike. She cares when I ask for help with my homework. She cares when I am sick. If I need help she cares. When I am hungry she care and makes me dinner. She cares when I want to go see the Jayhawks. She cares when I don't. She also cares when I do care. My mom cares if I don't get enough sleep and I am a grouch. If I am sad she cares. If I am board my mom cares. If I get in trouble or am in trouble she cares. If I am hurt my mom cares. My mom cares I she loves and if I love her. My mom buys me stuff and uses her money and my dads. My mom cares if I am mad, sad, or glad. My mom cares when I need more school supplies and she spends her own money. My mom cares and is there if I need her. My mom cares if I want to go shopping with her. My mom care so much it would take me billions of pieces of paper to tell you!

- Ariana Tubbs, 11, Deerfield School
Mother: Barbara Tubbs

Being a mother is a big job. How many times have you said "thank you" to your waiter or cashier. If you're like me, probably quite a bit. How many of us thank our mothers when they do everything for us? Not nearly as much as we should So I'm writing this to thank my Mother:

¢ For her perseverance. She used to home school my two sisters and me. I wasn't always the best student, especially in math. I just couldn't get it. Mom never gave up, though. She would just figure out how to explain it better.

¢ For her ability to keep us all fed. We always have something good on the table when she's around.

¢ For her patience. This was best demonstrated over the past few months. Some of my friends and I were making a short film. Filming was supposed to take about three Saturdays and a few scenes took place at our house. Those Saturdays turned to a month, a month to two, until we had been filming for five months - mostly at our house. My mom didn't like us romping around like lunatics for days on end, but she handled it well, never throwing us out of the house.

¢ For her discipline. She taught me right and wrong. If she never disciplined me, who knows where I'd be?

¢ Finally, for her love. A day doesn't pass without me feeling her love. This is my mom, and I wouldn't have another!

- Cameron Pratte, 15, Veritas Christian School
Mother: Kelli Pratte

I love my mother; she is always taking care of me and is always going out of her way to make me happy. Although she does hundreds of different things for me I want to tell you about one really important thing she does for me. This thing that she does for me is that she tries to cheer me up anytime that I'm down. Whenever I am down about school or friends she is always there to cheer me up. She is always trying to cheer me up no matter what. She is always telling me that everything will be okay and than goes out of her way to try and fix it. Also, whenever she upsets me she immediately apologizes and then tries to fix it. She also helps me when I am confused on something.

She is the only one that understands me when I'm upset or mad about something. When I'm in pain she is the one that knows what to do so I can feel more comfortable what to do about the pain. My mother is the one that is super sensitive to my needs in the first place so I don't get upset. She never raises her voice at me, she's never punished me. My mother has been there for me no matter what the circumstances or when everybody else has gave up on me. She has always gotten me involved in social activities but when those go wrong she has always been the one to help me back on my feet and get out there. Those are some of the reasons I love my mother not to mention she is the reason I exist.

- Brendan Phillips, 11, Deerfield School
Mother: Sheri Phillips

There are millions of things my mom has done for me but what I appreciate the most is that she helps pay rent. If she didn't help pay rent I would be on the streets playing the guitar for money. I am thankful for everything that she has done but this one stands out the most. She has done so much for me in these past eleven years. Some kids might say that they are thankful for their mom doing their laundry or cooking, but I can do all of that stuff but I can't pay rent. That would be the hardest thing ever! She must be super mom because paying rent would be hard! I love her even if she didn't pay rent. She has done millions of things for me in the past such as feeding me, bathing me, and loving me! I love her dearly like she loves me. She gives me rides, cooks for me, takes me to friends house, I couldn't name them all there are WAY to many! If she wouldn't put me to bed early then I would never get up in time for school! I love that she warms me when I'm cold and cools me when I'm hot. My dad does a lot of stuff too but not as much as my mom. I love my mommy so much. She is my hero. My mom is so awesome!

- Briana Helms, 11, Deerfield School
Mother: Candy Helms

My mom is the best mom in the world because she works hard all night and takes care of me, my little sister and brother. When my ride doesn't come my mom takes me and my little sister to school. When she's not too tired she reads to us.

- Echo Meuffels, 8, Pinckney School

My mom is so special to me. I love when my mom buys me new toys and clothes. When my sister and I want a new thing our mom tells us to wait until she gets paid. I would do anything for my mom. Even when we argue, I still love her. I love that my mom gives me the opportunity to get new things. My mom says I will MAYBE get a DS for my birthday and when she says maybe it means yes. When she gets me something I have wanted for months, I thank my mom about 20 times. Even when she yells, I still love her very much. Most importantly she gives me food, clothing and shelter. She also takes me to the doctor when I'm sick. In my opinion my mom is the best. I love my mom and I don't know what I would do with out my mom.

- Celia Gudenkauf, 10, Deerfield School
Mother: Erica Gudenkauf

Mom, you have done a lot of things in the 11 years I've lived. You give me food, a home, clothes, and education. You also help me with social activities like gymnastics and swimming. But I think the most important thing you give me is a home. You do a lot of things at home and you help me a lot here. It's the place where I go to when I get mad (well actually that's my room) and the place that feels like no place else. You would ask me face to face questions there, too. I remember when I was little and you'd help me with my homework. You still do. All of this and more is all because of you. Mom, you do even more than I can say. I thought I should do something to pay you back. I could never do enough to fully pay you back but this letter is for you just to tell you what a great mom you are. Thanks for all you do! You're the best person I have in my life. Happy Mother's Day!

- Clarissa He, 11, Deerfield School
Mother: Lauren Yao

My mom is a great person to be around. She takes care of me every single day. She is sweet, kind and gentle. She is always there for me and I will be there for her. I think of my mom as a wonderful role model. I can't put my finger on just one thing that doesn't make her perfect a perfect mom too have. I think she is perfect and nothing could be changed about her. She is the best. My mom goes on walks with my brother and I. She cooks and cleans. My mom is an encouraging person to be around. I am very glad that my mom takes me to school so I can learn and be successful in life. A good thing about my mom is that she makes me mind. I think that it is a good thing she makes me mind because I can learn from my mistake. My mom helps me get good grades in school. She is everything to me. If I could I would spend a lot more time with her. I am so thankful that she is my mom. I love my mom, she takes care of me. She gave me my life, if she didn't I would not be here writing about how amazing my mom is. My mom will do anything for me ... what I am trying to say is I love my mom.

- Delaney Blessing, 11, Deerfield School
Mother: Lisa Jones

My mom is so great in very many ways and here they are. My mom is always there for me if I get hurt or need help. She teaches me things that I don't understand. She gives me the best care when I am sick. She is very nice. She pays attention when I'm sad. She tucks me in at night. If I have nightmares she calms me down. When I'm sad she makes me happy. And no matter what I will always love my mom.

- Lilias Hull, 8, Cordley School
Mother: Jessica Hull

I love my mom because she keeps me educated and lets me play sports. My mom takes me to sports games and she pays for me to play a lot of sports. My mom helps me practice and takes me to my games. I get my food, clothing, money, and toys from my mom. My mom buys me pets to play and cuddle with. If I can't find something she will help me look. I've had a lot of injuries and she always gets me the best treatment no matter how much money it is. My mom supplies me with books so that I don't get bored and always be doing something educational. Since I'm an only child my mom arranges my cousins to come over to my grandparent's house to play with me. My mom's important to me because she's always pushing me forward to reach my goal or best. She always cheers me or my team on even if we are losing. My mom always provides me with the sports equipment that I need to play what ever sport I am playing in this season. She is always there if I need to tell her something and she is a great listener. She provides me with a home to live and play in. I know my mom will always love me and I will always love her, too. That is why my mom is important to me.

- Derrick Turner, 11, Deerfield School
Mother: Debbie Ice-Turner

My mom is very special. She stays strong when times are tough. My mom taught me to read when I was very young. She also taught me math and how to take care of plants, and myself. She kissed my "Boo-Boo's" when I was little and seems amazed at how I've grown, from dinosaur oatmeal to apple. My mom's also a good cook. She bakes cobblers and shows me how. You're more supportive than dad, and will probably read this, too. You help me when I need it and give me my space, and I like that. I love you and always will! This isn't much but for all the things I do wrong, you do them 100 times better.

- Desiree Hamilton, 11, Deerfield School
Mother: Dawn Hamilton

My mom does a lot of things for me. She makes me go to school; she gives me food, clothing, shelter. She also lets me keep a pet. When my room is a disaster, she helps me clean it. When my homework is way too hard for me, she helps me. When I want to do a social activity, she lets me do them. But the one thing she does for me is spend time with me. All that other stuff I like too. But she doesn't have to do that stuff. I still like it but it's not required for me to love her. I mean some people might say, "I love my mom because she takes me shopping!" But I don't love my mom just because she would take me shopping; I love because she's my mom. And even when we do get into fights, I still love her. She says the same thing. And when we do go to the ice cream store, or the park, I don't love her more, but I don't love her less either. My mom also makes the best peanut-butter, chocolate-banana smoothie ever! When ever I'm sad, she comes up and we talk about stuff. All my friends say that she's cooler than their parents. And I'm proud to have her as my mom.

- Isobel Frazelle, 10, Deerfield School
Mother: Sarah Frazelle

My mom is the best. My mom is very nice to me. She cooks the best food. My mom tries her hardest to attend all of my sport games. She talks to me when I need her the most. My mom comforts me when I need her. She helps me with my homework. My mom is the best ever. She makes me food when I am hungry. She lets me have friends over and sleep-over. My mom must have super powers, to take care of me. Without my mom I would surely die. She is always caring for me. My mom cheers me up when I am down. She buys me clothes for winter and summer. My mom is the best mom EVER!

- Jack Raney, 11, Deerfield School
Mother: Kelly Raney

My mom is special because she works at my school and helps the kids here. My mom baby-sits after school. She takes in foster brothers and babies and helps them. She tells me lullabies sometimes.

- Dylan Bahret, 6, Lecompton Elementary School
Mother: Penny Bahret

Mom, you have done a lot for me in my 11 years. And I would like to thank you for giving me a education and clothes. Thank you for giving me a home too. I wouldn't be alive if you would have not given me food or water. You have given me a great life and I know you will later in my life. You have made me happy with buying me pets and toys. I wouldn't have these things if I didn't have a mom. I wouldn't have a house if you wouldn't have paid the bills. And thank you for bringing my other sisters into this world. I know it has to be hard sometimes but you always think of something so you don't get too stressed out. I know we're about to start to build a new house and I think you should just relax. I think I should do something for you because you have done too much for me. Thank you for helping me with my homework too. I would also like to thank you for buying me medicine for when I was sick. I always social activities that you have got me involved with like camp and swimming my favorite was swimming its really fun. Thank you so much for taking care of me, mom.

- Jakob Farrar, 11, Deerfield School
Mother: Carrie Farrar

XXMy mom is special to me because of her cooking. Take one bite of her delicious meals and you will swear you're in heaven. I would rather eat my mom's cooking than pay $20 to eat at some fancy shmancy restaurant. Just the other day she made an entire marble cake and me and my family ate it in less than 24 hours. And don't even get me started on her sausage gravy and biscuits. I'm not sweet on the gravy but I could eat about a hundred of her sausage biscuits. Since I eat lunch at school I don't get to taste her lunch but breakfast, I would die without it! She's a master of it. She can cook any breakfast I can think of. Pancakes, French toast, cereal, sausage links, bacon, toast and even PIE! I bet if she started a restaurant she would have too many offers to fulfill. I'm so excited I get to go to my sister's wedding. MY MOM'S MAKING THE CAKE!

- Jesse Miller, 11, Deerfield School
Mother: Debi Miller

My mom is very special. She helps me get though those tough times. If she was not around I wouldn't know how to play baseball. I don't know how to drive so my mom drives me to the sports I play. My mom does very special things for me. But the most special thing she does is that she gives me a house to live in. If she didn't give me a house to live, I wouldn't be sleeping on a bed at night. I would be sleeping in the streets. If she didn't give me a house to live in I wouldn't have any electricity. The only electricity I would have is the sun in the morning. If she didn't give me a house to live in I would not have any food to eat. The only food I would have is out a Dumpster. If I'm really sick she would call school to say I'm not coming. She sometimes stays with me. She lets me sleep all day. She gives me all the medicine I need to get better. She gives all the love and support I need when I'm sick. If I where to all the other things she does special it would take up 20 pieces of paper. Those are the special things my mom does for me.

- Justin Narcomey, 11, Deerfield School
Mother: Sarah Narcomey

Many kids think, "Oh, my Mom is so lame." But not me! I think my mom is one of the coolest people on Earth. She does lots of things for me. She does my laundry, buys me clothes and gives me only the best of advice. The most important thing she does for me is support me in all the sports that I play. No matter what the game, she's there for me. Basketball, soccer and even softball are just some of the sports that she stops what she's doing and watches. Other than that, she makes sure I get to all my practices on time, even when I don't want to. Mom lets me invite friends over to practice whenever I want. I think it's great that my mom is so supportive of me, even if we've had a fight. She buys me all the equipment I need, including food, for energy. No matter what, Mom always is sure that I have enough water, so I don't have a chance of getting dehydrated. Sometimes, my Mom invites other people to watch me play, and that is always fun. My Mom even encourages me to begin a girl's football league, GFL. These are just some of the zillion things my Mom does for me.

- Karen Campbell, 11, Deerfield School
Mother: Kristin Campbell

My mom is so amazing. She's generous, kind and loving but she doesn't let things get out of control. We love to go shopping too; she lets me get something but doesn't make me feel spoiled. My mom has given me all I have ever wanted and more. My mom has also given me a lot of support. We just moved here to Lawrence a little bit ago and my mom is already helping me find a dance school. She's calling dance places and offering to drive me places to check them out. It shows how much she loves me and helps me to the goals I'm after. Also, my mom is awesome because she already helped me paint my new room so quickly to help me get settled in. It's just little things here and there that she does for me and it makes a big difference. I like it a lot that my mom knows me. For example, if she's at the grocery store she'll get me my favorite snack. Or at the furniture store once she got me a new bookcase and I loved it. If I was there with her I probably would have picked out the same thing. She knows me so well. She wipes my tears and we share our laughter. The thing I like most is that she loves me for who I am. Sometimes I feel we're so close we could be sisters. I couldn't have asked for a better mom than her.

- Caroline Carter, 10, Corpus Christi Catholic School
Mother: Julie Carter

The best thing my mom does is let me play sports. She pays for the expenses and drives me there. The sport she enjoys getting me to the most is soccer because it's the closest to our house. My mom gets me to games and practices on time. Having a mom that can get you to your activities is great. That way your coach never gets mad at you. I play many sports but she gets me to all of them. Our week is busy with school, soccer and baseball, but she doesn't get overwhelmed. My mom helps me get to my sports early because she knows if I'm late I get in trouble. The sports might cost a lot but she ends up paying because she enjoys watching. My mom also helps me get better by getting me things that help me. For my birthday she got me a bat, baseball glove, hit away and bases. Also she got me a basketball for Christmas. She also makes me get ready to go before school. That includes making my water and getting my shoes. She also helps get any friends to practice. She is a great person to have around because she is organized and helps a lot. My mom is also good to have around because she keeps you safe. I love my mom.

- Keegan McKinney, 11, Deerfield School
Mother: Susie McKinney

My mom is the most amazing and beautiful mother in the world. She is a teacher, and while in the classroom, she maintains guidance and wisdom, yet she still has control. She has been loving and praying for me from the time when I fractured my finger as a little girl to the time a few months ago when my old friend died. She has been patient with my whole family. Recently, she sat there and comforted my sister the day she received her first two speeding tickets. My mom is adopted and doesn't know her true family; however, instead of letting that bother her, she uses it to reach others who also are adopted. She has raised me with my discipline and love throughout my whole life. She is incredibly important to me and always will be. Thank you, Mom, for all you've done. I have and forever will love you.

- Kristen Finger, 13, Veritas Christian School
Mother: Jonnie Finger

Usually I wake up in the morning to the scent of fruit, eggs, strudels, French toast, soup or waffles. My mom prepares vast arrays of scrumptious foods for every meal. Every day I leave for school and come home, not even contemplating of a word of thanks. If my mom leaves this world then I would separate from reality, slowly drifting into space. Soon sorrow would consume everything and if I ever came back into reality I would remember and be shocked back into the dark mournful space. Sometimes she can make me angry, she really doesn't need to apologize (although she does) because she gave me every thing from life to happiness. Comforting, loving and calm are a few words to describe my mom. She takes me where I need to go, surpassing by far any boundaries a parent needs to reach when caring for their children. Like a blind child, I would wade helplessly if I didn't have someone I could imbed all of my trust into, someone who wouldn't trip me along the path to happiness. Helping me lead a happy and prosperous life is just one my mom's plethora of useful duties. One gift my mom has given me is that I will be able to remember of beautiful childhood. My mom is usually extremely optimistic and takes precautions to keep me happy and healthy. I can never thank my mom for everything she has done so maybe this will make some of it up to her. Thank you, mom!

- Kenneth Palmer, 11, Deerfield School
Mother: Juana Simons

My mom is very nice. Whenever she picks me up she always says hi to me. Whenever I win a contest she always congratulates me. My mom is very special to me. She always makes me good food. She always lets me watch TV. She knows all of my friends. My mom is special to me! I love her!

- Isabelle Ginavan, 8, Cordley School
Mother: Michelle Ginavan

She buys me food and that is important. She works so hard for me and my sister. Her work is in Kansas City and has to be there at 9 in the morning and get back at 6. She usually has a bad day because the day was so long. Plus she is nice to me. She's getting a new job as a nurse's assistant. She won't have a bad as often. The job is in Lawrence and she will start at 8 and come back at 4. The job that she has is tiring but you get treated well. My mom is like a super mom to me but to my sister thinks of her like a servant but she's not. My sister tells her what to do and what to do I don't think women should be treated like that. But when we are sick she is like a servant. When she offers to get me something I say I will get it. My sister says can you get me this and that. She dose so much for us during the day and the night. She is the best mom you could ever ask for. Nobody can take here place any day any time.

- Nyle Anderson, 11, Deerfield School
Mother: Wendy Anderson

My mom respects other people. She will color with me. She will let me go to my friend's house when I want to. She will help me do my homework. She will help me learn stuff, like math. I will help her when she needs it, like cleaning the house. When she tells me to do something, I will do it because I love her.

- Christopher Conway, 8, Cordley School
Mother: Kristie Conway

My mom is so special because she is loving and sweeet. My mom is so nice. She lets me have Payton over to play. I love my mom. I am so proud of my mom because she makes lots and lots of shirts every day. She has her own T-shirt business!

- Graci Folks, 6, Lecompton Elementary School
Mother: Jennifer Folks

My mom's name is Julie McNeil, and she is the best mom because she always helps me at homework if I need it, crafts, or just anything I need. She always wants to make sure I have fun. She plays basketball with me or other games, indoor and out. One time when I was 4 I was running outside and fell and my knees were all bloody. My mom cleaned them off and helped me inside. My mom is always there for me. I love my mom 200 percent, and that's why I think she's the best mom ever.

- Shelby McNeil, 10, Corpus Christi Catholic School
Mother: Julie McNeil

Many mothers are very special to their children, but my mom is the most loving person to me. She does everything wonderful and kisses me goodnight while tucking me in. She keeps scary monsters away when she gets me into bed. But if I never get tucked in by my mommy, I have nightmares. Whenever I try to tuck myself in, it doesn't help me at all. That is why she pretty much is my tuck-in mommy. I love to have her around so then I have good dreams and not bad dreams. I always wonder how I'm ever going to sleep when I am away and not have any goodnight kisses. I will constantly love her on special days like these. My mom helps me with other things too. She gives me love and reminds me what I'm forgetting. I hope you love this loving day. I'll send you hugs and kisses.

- Erin Meyers, 11, Deerfield School
Mother: Kimberly Meyers

My mom is special because she does the dishes. My mom is also the leader of my 4-H club. My mom takes good care of me when I am sick. When I am hurt, mom helps me. My mom is nice to me every day!

- Jessye Schumann, 7, Lecompton Elementary School
Mother: Gina Schumann

My mom does a lot of stuff for me. She gives me food that's really healthy for me. She pays for my education so I will be smart. She arrives me to places that she doesn't have to take me. My mom listens to every thing I have to say. Sometimes she does my chores when she doesn't have to. My mom is at all of my practices and games. My mom gives me really good advice. She takes me to cold stone. They have a raspberry sherbet. That does not have milk in it at all. She makes sure I don't take any drugs. Or eat anything bad that has any dairy products in it. She makes sure I don't eat any thing in the peanut family at all.

- Ethan Johnson, 11, Deerfield School
Mother: Kim Johnson


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