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Baker recycling program a success

May 2, 2008


— When it comes to improving the environment by recycling, Baker University is ahead of many public and private agencies and institutions.

Students under the direction of Roger Boyd, chairman of the biology department, have been involved in recycling since 1989. But changes have been made during the past few months to make the effort more successful.

Baker now has a "roll-off" bin dedicated to discarded cardboard. Boyd estimates that cardboard collections could increase from three to seven tons a month, which is up dramatically from a previous estimate of more than three tons in a year. Other trash also is recycled. During the past year, Baker invited Baldwin residents to drop off their newspapers, magazines, junk mail and shredded paper. Including Baker, that trash amounts to an estimated three tons a month and is likely to increase, Boyd said.

Students pick up trash from offices, dorms and nearby apartments.

Baker staff is supportive of recycling, but more students need to become involved, Boyd said.

"The students, amazingly, are a little bit slower (to recycle) than everybody else," he said. "I still see an awful lot of stuff that they throw in the (trash bin) because it is just too much trouble for them to sort it and carry it down the hallway."

But the students are working on it, thanks to a student organization called Earth We Are. The organization plans events to raise awareness about environmental issues.

"I think we've really done a good job at including more students on campus than just the Earth We Are members," said senior Sarah Romereim, president of the 25-member organization.


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