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Students to open Italian restaurant

Hillcrest School students Brandon Bell, 12, and Eric Martinez, 12, learned firsthand Wednesday how to make pasta from scratch. The students made pasta for a restaurant they will run for two hours next week.

Hillcrest School students Brandon Bell, 12, and Eric Martinez, 12, learned firsthand Wednesday how to make pasta from scratch. The students made pasta for a restaurant they will run for two hours next week.

May 1, 2008


Hillcrest students open Italian restaurant

Students at Hillcrest Elementary are bringing a taste of Italy to their school for a day, and making the pasta themselves. 6News reporter Lindsey Slater has more. Enlarge video

A new restaurant is opening in Lawrence, and it's very exclusive.

It will be open for only two hours, and seating is based on how well you know the people in charge - namely, Hillcrest School sixth-graders.

The Italian restaurant features a menu of salad, bread and pasta, all made by the students. They got their hands messy Wednesday with a mixture of flour and eggs and cranked out fettuccine and angel hair pasta.

"In social studies, we learned about Rome and how they made pasta," said sixth-grader Maddie Williams.

The students worked all afternoon on Wednesday to prepare for the May 7 grand opening.

"There has to be two people" to make the pasta, said sixth-grader Eric Martinez. "One person has to crank it and the other has to hold it."

The students applied for jobs in the restaurant that weren't easy to come by. They had to write resumes, get letters of recommendation and be interviewed to land their place for the big day.

"For the first hour I'm a waiter and the second hour I'm the manager," said sixth-grader Mark Stevens. The interview process "was very fun, but a really nervous experience," he said.

Teacher Kendra Metz hopes the students take their taste of the real world and remember it for the future. "It's a very realistic experience," she said. "I want them to know what the job process is so that they're not intimidated by it when they grow up."

The restaurant will be decorated with student artwork, including posters of Julius Caesar and Italian scenes. Families and friends will have four reservation times to choose from between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. Wednesday.

The students are ready to get the service started.

"Cranking pasta is really fun," Maddie said. "But I think the restaurant in the future is going to be the best part."


feeble 10 years ago

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fu7il3 10 years ago

Hope the kids have fun. It will be a nice activity for the families to take part in that is something out of the norm.

hockmano 10 years ago

hawkperchedatriverfront (Anonymous) says: What "cranking pasta",,,I didn't know crank was in pasta. Must be a local thingSome day people will make educated comments about the articles at hand, instead of trying to imitate comedians.

myvotecounts 10 years ago

Cool! I wish I you much success with your restaurant; I wish I could be one of your customers. Our class had a little one-day store back in abt 1970 when I went to Hillcrest. We made all of the merchandise. It was under a new-fangled concept called "career education." We were so proud because our store made over $100, and we used the money to buy gym equipment. Supposedly some people tried to get our teacher fired over the project, because she was deviating from teaching the 3 Rs. Mrs. Martin, if you're reading this, thanks for being a pioneer! Oh, and our teacher the following year wouldn't let us use the gym equipment we'd bought.

Mike Blur 10 years ago

Holroyd should stop trying to be a comedian (not funny at all) and stick to what he's best at: Cranky Old Man In Front Yard.

acoupstick 10 years ago

"I hope they take 50% of what they make or tax them for the fair market value of the food and services."Still bitter about that divorce and paying your fair share for roads and cops, huh?

Confrontation 10 years ago

This sounds like a neat project for the kids. Sometimes you learn more by getting away from the textbooks.

Ken Miller 10 years ago

My daughter is taking part in this and is thrilled. The kids had to "apply" for the different jobs, submit resumes and references and then work yesterday to prepare the pasta in advance of the restaurant's opening. I am looking forward to my lunch at Hillcrest next week.To those of you who can somehow twist this into something negative - I'd like to poke you with a fork and see if marinara comes out.

Poon 10 years ago

Excellent!!! I can't wait to try the bruschetta :-)

bearded_gnome 10 years ago

what a great story and what a great concept for the kids! I love the passage where the kid explains it takes two to make pasta! congratulations kids you've done well to get into this and I know you will do very well!

Poon 10 years ago

In all seriousness though, this sounds like a great project.

bearded_gnome 10 years ago

yeah Poon, and remember its pronounnced:bree-ski-tittle

Luxor 10 years ago

"The students applied for jobs in the restaurant that weren't easy to come by."Apparently it's easier to come by writing jobs at the JW.

kclement 10 years ago

Actually, bearded_gnome, it's pronounced bru-skake-ah (Commonly mispronounced as bru-shet-ah).

terri 10 years ago

Mrs. Metz is an excellent educator and shows you that her students are able to benefit from her innovative lesson plans. They are lucky to have her for their teacher. Long ago, before she was Metz, two of my sons had class with this gifted teacher. To this day she is one of the best educators our kids and ourselves have ever worked with. Bravo!

person 10 years ago

I agree with my dad...(oscarfactor)It is fun, and yes you do crank pasta. It is very real, to be in this experience... It is harder than you'll ever know because we are probably a third of your age, did you apply for a job that young?! Take that, and add it onto the fork that pokes you!

bearded_gnome 10 years ago

kclement,poon and I are making humorous reference to a very silly haughty letter to the editor of a few weeks back on restaurants servers' and the proper pronunciation. no , of course I know it isn't pronounced:bree-ski-tittle! now, you're silly too.

bearded_gnome 10 years ago

gnome, I just wish a couple of the kids had known about that pronunciation fun, and brought it into the class room too. I can imagine all those young facescracking up at each other's versions of Eye-tal -EE-in names.--multi,yes, kids could have so much fun "pronouncing" italeen.

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