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Career tips

March 31, 2008


When recession looms, fear can drive people to take the first job that they're offered - including some that turn out to be scams. Many of these jobs have common traits, making them relatively easy to spot. To protect yourself from such rip-offs, avoid any job ad that promises "quick and easy income." Likewise, avoid those that ask you to pay a fee to apply or buy special supplies from them in order to start work. And, be especially wary of an "employer" who wants your Social Security number when you apply. That information shouldn't be shared unless the employer needs to perform a background check, or is ready to start issuing you paychecks.


When your boss calls you into her office, do you always bring a pen and paper? Relying on your memory might be fine 99 percent of the time, but that 1 percent it fails could really get you in trouble. You should make note of any tasks you've been assigned and their deadlines, so you'll never have to bug your boss with another "so when did you say that was due ..." again.


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