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Abuse report spurs day-care shutdown

March 28, 2008


Suspected abuse shuts down day-care

State regulators shut down a Lawrence day-care after reports tonight of a 1-year-old child being abused inside the home. Enlarge video

State regulators ordered a Lawrence day-care shut down Thursday, after a preliminary investigation by SRS alleged that a 1-year-old child received burns to his legs, ankles and buttocks while at the home.

Deborah Kay Henning, licensed to operate the home at 1502 W. 27th St., had her license suspended on an emergency basis by Roderick Bremby, secretary of the Kansas Department of Health and Environment.

The suspension means that Henning no longer can operate her day-care home, which is licensed to have up to 10 children. She has the right to appeal, but her license would remain suspended pending such an appeal, given Bremby's action designed to protect "children in the licensee's care from physical abuse or a substantial threat to their health or safety."

A woman who answered the phone Thursday night at the Henning residence declined comment.

KDHE received information Wednesday that the Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services had been investigating suspected child abuse at the home, and that the suspected abuse had occurred on or about Monday, Bremby said in his order. An SRS social work specialist recommended that Henning's license be suspended.


Kat Christian 10 years, 2 months ago

I think 10 children in a home "babysitting job" is way too many children - 5 is adequate for that sort of scenery. If people want to care for 10 children or more then these people should rent a building in a business district to set up a playground and other playrooms so these children have a place to run, scream and play without disturbing others. I don't think daycares should be operated in residential neighborhoods, especially when the playgrounds are set up in the front lawns with bright colored plastic play equipment enclosed in chain link fencing. It makes the neighborhood look low class and trashy, the kids are noisey and disturbing especially when those critters are screaming like banshees and tearing up the lawn, making a mess that never gets cleaned up. There ought to be an ordiances preventing this sort of business in residential neighborhoods.

ammmom 10 years, 2 months ago

My daughter went to Debbie's Daycare for 7 years with no incidents. Debbie was the most loving and caring person to those kids and their families. She went out of her way to help all of the families involved with her daycare. We would still be there if we hadn't of moved out of town. I am forever grateful for the loving care she took of my daughter when no one else would have her. My daughter is disabled and finding and trusting someone to care for her is a hard task. Debbie and her family will always hold a special place in our hearts. My daughter still asks about her even after almost 2 years. Hang in there Debbie! We all love you!

Ronda Miller 10 years, 2 months ago

Some people enjoy the sound of children playing. A lot of parents prefer their children, especially young ones, to be in a home environment as opposed to a cold facility that has many more children per ratio to teacher then does an inhome childcare facility.

If this woman was licensed for ten children it means she could have seven under school age - if she had none under 18 months, - and three school age children. In centers one person can have twelve two year olds. Which do you consider more difficult to care for? Twelve two year olds, or ten children ages eighteen months through five to twelve years of age?

I don't know what area child care providers you know, but I would bet there are a lot in your area that you have no clue even exist because they are quiet, tidy, and don't have messes.

It would be of interest to find out what caused the burns to the child's liegs. Poor child.

Home childcare is not considered "babysitting". That is usually referred to for ten to twelve year olds girls or boys who go watch children in the child's own home.

Most inhome providers are considered teachers and a lot of them have years of experience, degrees in their field, and required ongoing certification requirements. Do some research before you pass judgement so readily.

Luxor 10 years, 2 months ago

These places shoudln't operate in residential neighborhoods. As sunshine says, you have all of that plastic junk making the neighborhood look bad and all of the noise and traffic. They are bad news for the neighbors.

Buggie7 10 years, 2 months ago

Luxor parents feel better putting their child in a home daycare thats Homey at least I did. There wasnt junk everywhere and the plastic toys were in the back yard. heck I dont even have a daycare and have the plastic stuff in my yard. You dont have to be a daycare for that. I wanted my child to be in a relaxed atmosphere rather than the la petites or kindercares. They get moreone on one attention and learn how to interact with other children better. also the fees for home daycares are usually about $75.00/wk more inexpensive depending on where you go they could be more or less.
My son went to Debbie in the past and lasted all of 2 days and he was still and infant so it wasnt cause he was a brat. I would not take him back or recommend her. I have seen alot of posts telling her to hang in there and that she is a great christian woman and people are ruining her life. Well I really believe she is a nice lady to adults. My nephew also went to her and was afraid to go back. I had my son go there not knowing he was afraid just on his dad and moms recommendation but when I went to pick up my son on the second day and saw him I picked him up too and they both never went back. This was some years ago and I was too young to even know how to turn a person in but the condition I found my son in the only recommendation I would give is for her to be shut down. She really brainwashes the parents and even has her little cute daycare set up but no way the community is better off with her out of business.

Ronda Miller 10 years, 2 months ago

I thought neighborhoods were about children playing in the yard, I must be from another planet.

Most neighbors are off working during the day anyway, aren't they? I thought that is why they needed childcare but guess that is a strange thought.

Buggie7 10 years, 2 months ago

Rhonda you are so right thats what a neighborhood is for. and Home daycares can be great but you need to know that person as a person mother and professional before you take a child there. Just knowing them as a person that you think they are isnt enough. I would think the neighborhood would be cold and wierd if I saw no children playing in it.

exhawktown 10 years, 2 months ago

Wow, some of you people are idiots. A one-year old child received burns to several places on his/her body, and you're bitching about plastic equipment in yards and how we need more regulation because of the eyesore that creates? Way to go you caring, intelligent folks. The issue is child abuse. But of course, some manage to make this about more regulation, because of what they consider UGLY stuff in a yard. The ugliness here is in the alleged actions of the caregiver, geniuses.

A123 10 years, 2 months ago

There is no way this woman could or would abuse a child. Yes, she does have her hands full--but she has help. My daughter went to her as well for a little over 2 years and she loves her. She tells me she misses Debbie's house and all the kids she interacted with at least once a week.

I think before everyone starts passing judgement, they need to know all of the facts, and I am more than positive that there is much more than the paper is leading you to believe.

Until the investigation is over, the paper needed to not print names and addresses. And the personal comments need to be stopped unless you know her and the situation....

Buggie7 10 years, 2 months ago

I believe the reasoning for the not addressing the abuse is that LJworld stretches their facts so we dont know if this is a accident or intentional.
I do have my thoughts on it and I feel sorry for that lil one if its true but you really cant accuse or get to disgusted until she is convicted of something. I only know on past experiences with her that I am glad that she is closed and that I hope she is not allowed to re open and my thoughts with the lil one and the family. I also want to express my thoughts of prayer to those who have stood up for her. They have no idea that they are being blinded becuase she is a nice person to adults. But while the parents are away you have to remember you are not there so anything could happen. INTERVIEW, INVSTIGATE, ASK QUESTIONS TO SRS, LOOK AT KBI WEBSITE. Now that I am older I understand these things and we have to let our young mothers know to do these things. Some of these daycares do prey on the young moms who cannot afford other daycares.

ammmom 10 years, 2 months ago

Exhawktown, the thing to remember here is the "alleged actions". I know Debbie personally and in the 7 years that my daughter went to her daycare I stopped in at all times of the day unannouced for whatever reason (dr. appts, sick child...) and never once saw anything that I should have been concerned about. My daughter was well fed, happy, clean and brought home more craft projects in one week then I had refrigerator space for. "IF" something happened to this child while in her care it had to have been an accident not abuse. Accidents happen, that is just a fact of life. I hope the child is OK.

acg 10 years, 2 months ago

I also prefer neighborhood care vs. a commercial facility. My child went to Ballard Center when he was 4. Twice I caught the "teacher" sleeping on the desk when I went to pick him up. And, he was a rambunctious child and they were always calling me and complaining that he wouldn't sit down during "circle time" so one day I go to pick him up and the geniuses in the main office ask to speak with me and tell me that their idea of how to get him to sit during circle time was to put a 4 lb. fanny pack of sand around his waste to help "comfort" him. I lost my mind. I told them I thought their comfort was more like tethering him to the ground and if they thought for one second they were going to hobble my child so they could avoid doing their jobs they were mistaken. That was his last day at the Ballard Center. I don't know why I shared that story except to say that the risks involved with possible abuse, neglect or downright stupidity aren't limited to a neighborhood care facility at all.

Dorothy Hoyt-Reed 10 years, 2 months ago

Warning: Here come a "when I was young" story". Those people who don't like the sound of children playing in their neighborhoods probably don't even know their neighbors. I grew up in a neighborhood with people of all ages. They knew us, and we knew them. We learned to respect our elderly neighbors and they treated us to all kinds of things, like popcorn balls at Halloween. One couple didn't want us playing in their side yard, and we complied. But we had the run of all the neighborhood. If we did anything wrong the neighbors would let our parents know or they would get after us themselves, so we generally behaved ourselves. Even the couple who wouldn't let us play in their side yard, would let us hunt fireflies there. It was great to grow up in a community. Our neighborhood is much like that now, except kids aren't really allowed unstructured play like we were. I'm truly sad for them, and for us too. We don't get to interact with the young ones like my neighbors could when I was young.

twaldaisy 10 years, 2 months ago

I find it interesting that the LJW does not print "the names of people accused of sex crimes," but can't wait to get the names out on other crimes. There are definitely some facts/questions that are not answered in this article and quite frankly the story reeks. IMHO the paper could just of easily left her name out until she is actually "convicted." The parents and children involved in her day care know that the day care has been closed, no one else needs to know. If the accusations end up being true, then print all her information as a warning to other families not to take their kids around her. Why are certain criminal names protected and others aren't? KC Star sure doesn't care they print all names. I just hope the kid is o.k. and SRS does a thorough investigation and actually punishes whomever did this to the child.

Tanetti 10 years, 2 months ago

Maybe the people who clearly think kids should be seen and not heard should stick to the Oread neighborhood, where the college students (allegedly adults) and their slumlords are the ones making the properties look ugly (despite permanent residents' efforts to beautify). I grew up as one of the very, very few kids in that neighborhood and I can tell you I want my own kids to live where kids are welcomed, rather than being surrounded only by adults. Guess what -- kids' stuff isn't always pretty or clean!

I have seen very few child care setups in people's front yards, though there's one in the Prairie Park neighborhood along a relatively busy north-south street, and I've seen her several times on the driveway with her day care kids with no real protection from the street (a whole other issue). But there is one front-yard eyesore in that neighborhood, along East 25th (I think), and I'm not even sure that's a day care.

exhawktown 10 years, 2 months ago

AMMMOM, that is why I said "alleged". If a child has burns, it could have been from an accident, yes. I hope it was. However, I was irritated with the grouches who thought it more important to talk about plastic play equipment, and how unsightly it is, instead of the actual topic of the article, an investigation into child abuse at a daycare.

notobsessed 10 years, 2 months ago

Since they didn't specify the types of burns that were on the child, it may also be possible that it was an accident. Although that is hard to picture, maybe the child fell into a space heater or something. But injuries caused by neglect are also considered to be abuse, aren't they?

exhawktown 10 years, 2 months ago

One more thing. I'm a stay-at-home mom of a 3 year old and an almost-2 year old. I'm considering returning to the workforce very soon. As a parent, though recommendations on a daycare from someone I don't know are welcome, I'm also very interested in a place that's under investigation, and will not consider that facility when reviewing childcare options. As most parents would probably agree, when it comes to your children, you'd rather err on the side of safety than give a stranger the benefit of the doubt. It's going to be a very difficult thing to find a quality facility with loving employees, and I don't feel a damn bit guilty about NOT considering a particular place because they MIGHT have an incidence of abuse. I'm not telling anyone else where to take their kids, I'm just exercising my right as a caring parent, and I'm glad the article was printed, details and all. I will watch for followup, as well.

TongieMom 10 years, 2 months ago

Being licensed for 10 children doesn't really mean 10 kids all day long every day. You are only allowed to have 6 under school age and only 3 of those under 18months. The remaining 10 usually make up school age after school care - at least that's the way it was when I provided care about 5 years ago (and had a wonderful 7 year run before moving to this area and deciding to do something different).

Also, I lived in a middle class neighborhood and you would never guess I provided child care by driving by (unless we were all outside playing)....only that I had children as there was a huge swing set and Little Tykes items in my large fenced back yard.

It's VERY sad and unfortunate this child was injured so severely (burns are a nasty thing) while in this woman's care.'s 'alleged' right now....blah blah blah...the point is...if it happened in her care she is ultimately responsible. Whether she "did" anything or not....she clearly neglected to provide a SAFE environment for this child. A child was burned (regardless of the extent) while in her care for crying out can't defend that.

Prayers for this child and his/her parents.

Oracle_of_Rhode 10 years, 2 months ago

Why is that Roderick Bremby always meddling with private enterprise? First he stopped the wonderful coal plants, now this!

TongieMom 10 years, 2 months ago

The Kansas Dept of Health and Environment (KDHE) regulates child care in the state.

kendall1 10 years, 2 months ago

all that i can say to this is that i child was abused and that until there is a convection then everyone needs to keep their communts to them self. NO i do not know the women that is being accused but, I can say that i was in an inhome daycares and daycare centers as a child. i didnt like either of the places i went to. i can also say that when i was in the care of a person at an inhome day care a swing set fell on me. But my mother did nothing about it because it was an accident.

mommyof1angel 10 years, 2 months ago

My daughter attended Debbie's daycare for 3 years. During that time period, my daughter was fed, educated-socially, academically, and emotionally; went on field trips; participated on the Lawrence Gymnastics Academy gym bus weekly; received weekly music lessons from a music teacher hired from the Lawrence Arts Center; received one-on-one attention and affection that she would not have received at a center. Debbie and her family welcomed my child and I into their home as if we were family. These allegations of abuse are a mistake, I believe that to my core. If anything, an accident happened, but accidents do happen to everyone. That's why they are accidents. Accidents don't make people into monsters like some people on here are trying to post that she is. Until all of the details are relased, please be less critical, because this article is vague at best. Again, these are allegations. There have been no charges pressed, no convictions made. I'm a parent, and am extremely protective over who I allow be around my child, so I understand the cause for concern. Out of respect for all family members involved (both that of Debbie and the child), don't jump to conclusions and criticism before a thorough investigation has been completed.

TongieMom 10 years, 2 months ago

It might be an 'allegation' of abuse or even if, as you hope, an 'accident''s still a failure (translation: neglect) on her part as a provider to provide a safe environment for this child. That is FACT.

KDHE did the right thing suspending her license immediately. Do you really think they should allow her to continue childcare? Clearly, a more detailed investigation is necessary (which SRS thought was necessary past an initial visit/investigation) and if warranted, she can then take the steps necessary to get her license back.

q_ball2kand1 10 years, 2 months ago

I've known Debbie for almost two years now, and I'm in pure disbelief this happened under her care. I think the LJWorld should have waited until more details surfaced before they printed this story.
All you morons ignoring the real issue by complaining about a yard full of plastic crap, might be interested to know that Debbie has a tall privacy fence shielding any play toys from your precious eyes, in fact the view of the front of her home is one of the nicest on her block.
A day-care provider also makes the perfect scapegoat for injuries that could have possibly happened somewhere else.
Buggie7, you obviously skipped child psychology class if you think your children should be completely comfortable with new surroundings the instant you leave them; children need time to adjust to different environments. In the end, accidents happen, everywhere, all the time. Quit your job, and raise your own children, that's why you had them in the first place.

Confrontation 10 years, 2 months ago

Don't you just love how parents expect these daycares to be able to control their brats, even though the parents can't control them? If parents disciplined their own children, then these daycare workers wouldn't get so stressed. I know nothing about this case or Deb. I'm just making an observation.

mommyof1angel 10 years, 2 months ago


I do understand what you are saying, truly. But everything is not always what it seems, especially in sensationlistic reporting. I will present to you one of millions of hypothetical situations, and since you used to be licensed for an in-home daycare and present yourself to know what actions should and should not be taken in this case, I would like to see your response. Let's say you are running a daycare, and it's a nice day so you take 6 kids for a walk. One of the children has just recently learned to walk, is still somewhat unsteady on her feet. She takes off running down the sidewalk, and oh my gosh! She's tripped over her own feet and fallen, and her face skidded on the sidewalk. She looks like somebody took sandpaper to her face! An accident happened. Did you fail (neglect) to provide this child with a safe environment, or is an accident just an accident?

I'm not KDHE and I'm not SRS, so I don't know all of the details, nor does anyone writing comments on here. All I ask, is out of respect for all involved, please don't be so quick to judge.

exhawktown 10 years, 2 months ago

Confrontation: Your so-called observation is an idiotic blanket statement. I wish your mother had raised YOU to speak more intelligently, but then, maybe she couldn't control you.

Confrontation 10 years, 2 months ago

Sounds like you have some uncontrollable brats, exhawktown. Do your job as a parent, and no one else will have to do it. Seriously, if you have to drug them for behavioral reasons, then you're not a good parent.

fairylight 10 years, 2 months ago

I find it questionable that the persons name and address was posted in the article. This is an investigation, not a proven act of negligance. I do feel it's appropriate for the facility to be closed untill such time the allegation is proven or disproved. There is a case of a child dying (in today's paper) from neglect in the KC area. That home was licensed for 10 children also. We have to have checks and balances, safeguards in place. I beleive if you open your home to care for other peoples children, you need to expect inspections and you must take the childrens safety issues first.

However, until this is shown to have been neglect or intentional, innocent until proven guilty should apply. imho.

exhawktown 10 years, 2 months ago

Confrtontation: Sorry, I mistook your hilarity for ignorance. Clearly your omniscience is unquestionable.

Kat Christian 10 years, 2 months ago

Home 'babysitting' is fine for 2-3 children, but when you get someone caring for more then that - especially 10 there is a potentiality for problems to exist. Professional daycares are more regulated whereas home 'babysitting' is not. Yes, we do have a problem of available daycares especially in this town and home sitters are a blessing in some instances, but they are not as regulated so these sort of incidences probably happen more often then we have discovered.
I love the sound of children at play and we do have this in my neighborhood, BUT when there is a child or children screaming like a banshees as if it has no sense it can be unnerving especially when the sitter is sitting right there and doesn't correct the child or teach it to behave like a human afterall isn't that part of the job of being a caretaker - teaching?
I blame the parent of this child just as well as the person who inflicted harm on this child. If the parent had been more in tune to their child, more observant to it's needs they would have known beforehand if the child was happy or not at the daycare. You best believe I know when my child had been and now that he is in school I know when things are going well for him and if not I investigate pronto. But some parents are too busy with their lives or too lazy to take the time to find out. I don't know what actually transpired nor does anyone else on this blog so we can't exactly judge and I'm not I'm just giving my opinionated thoughts. I do hope the child is okay and not scared for life becuase of this event.
As for the cluttered outside romper room - I wouldn't have a problem with it if it were in the backyard, but front yards weren't intended to be backyards. If there were not rules or ordances to neighborhoods there would be total chaos. Junk cars in this yard, trash everywhere in that yard, nicely cut lawn in one, debre in another. Come on people some people just don't care about how they look, how their home looks or how the smell for that matter. But I care about where I live and if people want to clutter their yards it just ruins it for others, lowers property and home values. Really how many of you wnat to buy a house next door to a cluttered yard. Not many I bet.
Anyway, I'm stepping off my soap box for the day. That's all I have to say about this.

TongieMom 10 years, 2 months ago


I am NOT judging her, I am just stating the facts as they have been presented thus far.

In your scenario, I would have been holding the hand of a child that was learning to walk and was unsteady on their feet (or they would have been strapped in a stroller). I'm not saying a child never left my home without a boo boo...because children get those. There is a line of trust between a child care provider and the parents and if a parent has a concern that isn't resolved...they have every right to report it.

I am not denying that accidents happen, but this is not a scrapped knee or cheek or little bump... a child has burns on more than one part of his/her body. K D H E doesn't suspend licenses willy nilly for every little claim/complaint from a parent. Better to error on the side of caution when you're talking about the safety of children.

My main point is that the K D H E rightfully suspended her license. I don't have to know her or know you or know the details of the event to come to that conclusion. After the investigation, she will have an opportunity (depending on the outcome) to regain her license.

This is a public forum and surely you don't expect everyone on here to have the same view as you.

Buggie7 10 years, 2 months ago

qball. I did not state why my nephew ( whom I might add had been there for a few months by the time my son went ) why he was so afraid being so long ago I do not have the evidence anymore to back this up. As for my son he was a infant and again I didnt say what happened just that they were both removed when my brother and myself caught on. Also, to your response about staying home and taking care of my children. Well thats why im on here Im a stay at home mom and kids are playing right here. It had nothing to do with seperation anxiety. I am just on here to make a entry with an opinion like everyone else and I know what happened even though I choose not to go in to detail.
I also stated that I wasnt saying either way whether it was an accident or not with this child just sharing a past experience with her and acknowledging that LJworld isnt always correct. Pay attention!!!

acg 10 years, 2 months ago

Confrontation (Anonymous) says:

Don't you just love how parents expect these daycares to be able to control their brats, even though the parents can't control them? If parents disciplined their own children, then these daycare workers wouldn't get so stressed. I know nothing about this case or Deb. I'm just making an observation.

LOL more proof that stupidity shouldn't be allowed to breed. But then again, confrontation is one of those idiots that supports people screwing in a public park so am I surprised that he has such a crass thing to say about this? NO! It almost sounds as if you're saying that if your daycare provider is stressed and abuses your kid its the parents fault. Right, d-bag? I also love how the d-nozzle calls kids brats instead of kids. I sure as hell hope you aren't a parent. If so, I weep for your children.

Danielle Brunin 10 years, 2 months ago


This information is public record and that is why ljworld posted it. There are articles on and In the same articles, a daycare in Wichita also had its license revoked because a child died after being left alone strapped in a carseat. Would you prefer that that daycare provider's name and location not be printed either? I'm know this is a sensitive issue for a lot of people, but as a parent, I think we should have access to this information, and apparently so does KDHE. People would throw a fit if they withheld this information.

aginglady 10 years, 2 months ago

Gotcha W. People are reading, good job.Hang in there.

weallhaveapurpose 10 years, 2 months ago

I have known Debbie for five years. She had two of my girls in her home. There are very few people who have a true gift with children. She would never hurt a child. I have never even seen her blow up at a child, or lose her cool. I have helped with her daycare and spent many hours in the same room with her and the children in her care, she loves on every child. I often joke with her about some of the tough kids that have came her way. She always replies how she loves those kids and that must be why God send's them to her. LJW should not be able to post names or addresses of anyone, until the investigation is over. I do know for a fact that Debbie also cared for this child's older sibling, and If that child was not well cared for why would the parents have trusted her with their next child? Accidents happen and no matter how much we would all love to be perfect it is not possible. For those who didn't feel Debbie's home was the place for their child to be, you should be comfortable with who you place your child with. Not everyone is a match. Do you like every person you meet? No, we are not suppose to all like everyone, what a boring life that would be. If you can't remember what you didn't like about her daycare then it must not have been detrimintal to the care of your child. I remember every bad thing that took place with my past daycares and that was a lifetime lesson. My prayers are with Debbie, the child and all involved.

Johnson1 10 years, 2 months ago

I know all of the people keep saying that they recommend Debbie and they never would think she would do anything like this. Well, I bet if your infant came home with burn marks, you would think differently. You can say these things because it didn't happen to your child. But really, I don't think its a matter of she purposly intended to hurt this infant, but its what she didn't do! Where was she when this child was getting into something that could burn their skin off?? Why wasn't she watching the child?? And I understand things happen, but the fact is that Debbie chose to wash the childs clothes in order to get rid of the evidence-clearly proving she was aware of the situation and did nothing about it and was not honest and upfront with the parents. And for that , it is wrong , even if she did not intentionally hurt this child. She was not watching the infant and did not to care for it and that is not someone anyone would want watching their child. If she was not in the room and in the infant got into some sort of bleach or something she should have been upfront with the parents and not try to cover it up. And she should have called 911 immediately instead of worrying about covering up her own A**.

OldEnuf2BYurDad 10 years, 2 months ago

Let me say it again: Deb would not hurt a child. Clearly something happened, but Deb would never hurt any child.

Yeah, she's all that. We could line up hundreds of people in Lawrence who would say what I'm saying. To everyone who's posting judgments: your assumptions are wrong this time. This is not another "not again" situation. This is the exception.

PrincessConsuelaBananaHammock 10 years, 2 months ago

As the adult child of an in - home daycare provider, I am angry at the ignorance of some of the posters today. I wish you could see the packet my mother (who is by the way college educated and a certified early childhood teacher) receives in the mail each year when she renews her daycare license. It is close to 20 pages long. As far as numbers, as many have stated, being licensed for 10 does NOT mean that there are 10 children present in the home at any one time - this number fluxuates throughout the day depending on ages of children, outside school or preschool programs, etc,, and most providers have help from another adult - any adult in the home must undergo KDHE health screenings and criminal background checks, and the regulations that govern what is and is not allowed almost make one feel like their home is no longer a home but rather the daycare business primarialy, These women (for the most part) are dedicated to the children they care for and provide for parents a service that is prefered to that of the larger daycare centers. Please do not allow the poor choices of one provider to destroy the reputation of so many wonderful in home providers.

HenningW 10 years, 2 months ago

You guys this is my grandma and all the articles say that it was from a burn they neglect to say that it was a chemical burn. There is much more to the story than they are printing. I want to thank everyone that is supporting our family through this rough time. I know that eventually they will find that this happened outside of my grandma's daycare, then they will put a small blurb in the ljworld then everyone that's doubting my grandma will still doubt her because they didn't see the article that says she didn't do it. Thanks a lot LJWorld you always put out the best stories.(eyes rolling)

OldEnuf2BYurDad 10 years, 2 months ago

"Thanks a lot LJWorld you always put out the best stories.(eyes rolling)"

Keep in mind, this is news, not an attack from LJW against Deb.

"Chemical burn". That sounds like something accidental may have happened.

i_am_me 10 years, 2 months ago

le posted that "a good deal of folks simply can`t afford places like hilltop or mont." Let me tell you from personal experience that Hilltop is not as nice as it seems. I grew up in a home daycare in Wichita, and trust me, I would MUCH rather go to that home daycare than Hilltop. I worked at Hilltop for 2 and a half months, but quit because so many of the KDHE regulations were being completely disregarded. I also worked as a lead teacher at a nice daycare in Wichita, so I do know the regulations. This daycare is the only one in Sedgwick county to have no violations for 3 years straight. One of the three main reasons I finally quit was that the building had a severe bug problem, yet nothing was done about it. Many of the children, as well as myself, came home with horrible bug bites nearly everyday. 5 months later, I still have scars on my legs and stomach from these bites. The second reason was that one of the toddlers contracted hand, foot, and mouth disease, yet was allowed to come back to school the next day. The administrators' reasoning for this decision was that "the disease is so contagious that if any of the other children are going to catch it, they already have it." Needless to say, this is completely absurd. I wanted to report them to the KDHE, but I knew that the minute the officials showed up, they would put on an act and follow all regulations. The third reason I quit was that many of the lead teachers thought that it was completely acceptable to use naptime to have a nap themselves. They left 10 one-year-olds in the care of one aide. Not a teacher, only an aide. The ratio for this age group is 5 children to one teacher. To fall asleep and leave this many children to a non-lead qualified aide is completely irresponsible.

I guess I just wanted everyone to know that even daycares that are considered "nice" have a lot of dirty secrets that parents don't see.

bigtrucklildck 10 years, 2 months ago

accidents do occur, No one is denying that. But she did not do what was expected of her and required by law! The parents should of been notified asap, there should of been documentation on paper ect. She didn't do that or she didn't do it right. There is a reason why they took her permit And it wasn't cause it was a lil accident either! Yeah maybe they shouldn't of put her name in the paper or her address until she is convited ect. But maybe it's time that people stand together to stop child abuse all together, I guess better safe than sorry?!

aginglady 10 years, 2 months ago

Before people think things only happen at home daycare, I had a child at La Petite who had allergies to a foods.They were warned in writing that she should not be around this food at all! One day, I picked the child up to find her face severely swollen, RED, and mucus running from her nose and she was crying. They had served the allergic item on apple wedges to her class. They claimed she didn't eat any. Regardless of whether she ate it, started to eat it asn was stopped,or touched the table where that substance had touched then touched her mouth, eyes, etc., they CLEARLY KNEW she was ill for nearly an hour before I picked her up (accordingly to their time of how long she had been in this state). They were covering their a$$.They did not call, as I was by the phone. They said they knew I would be picking her up soon, so they didn't call. I arrived at the scheduled time. She then spent the next two days in the hospital. These same events mimiced the pattern of symptoms a few years later, when she ate the subject at a friends, (they knew too), and she died. If I had known for sure at the time, La Petite would have had one major lawsuit on their hands.

HenningW 10 years, 2 months ago

I didn't want to have to say this, but they also neglect to say that the baby was born addicted to meth and was with the mother on Sunday for one of her visits. My grandma also did notify the parents when she discovered the rash on the baby. If you guys aren't smart enough to put two in two together I'll spell it out for you. The baby more than likely came in contact with one of the chemicals at the mother's house

OldEnuf2BYurDad 10 years, 2 months ago

Granddaughter: PLEASE read this!!

You've identified yourself as a family member and have made accusations about the care of the child outside of day care - specifically, you've suggested that the mother is probably running a meth lab. I could see how posts like that could get you in trouble. My suggestion is that you refrain from posting any more specifics or accusations. I'm no attorney, but I fear that you may be treading a dangerous line.

"All things work for the best for those that love the Lord", and that applies to your grandmother. So stay calm and be careful what you post. Work to defend your grandmother, but without tossing others under the bus. Truth will prevail. Deb has been through much, much worse, and she'll get through this as well. :)

Zyland 10 years, 2 months ago

Quoting: I am not denying that accidents happen, but this is not a scrapped knee or cheek or little bump: a child has burns on more than one part of his/her body. K D H E doesn't suspend licenses willy nilly for every little claim/complaint from a parent. Better to error on the side of caution when you're talking about the safety of children. /endquoting

Unfortunately, this isn't always true. Several years ago a daycare was shutdown due to suspected child abuse. That day care still isn't opened, though it has been appealed and it has been delayed by KDHE in the court rooms. They can string it out for as long as they need to.

I hope a full investigation gets started on that child to figure out if the burns were obtained at the day care or in another person's care.

To the family member that posted: Don't. I'm telling you from personal experience, as the previous daycare I mentioned was my mother's. Posting here and reading the comments that forum goers leave behind will do nothing to allevate what is going on for you guys. Get a good lawyer and a temporary job is recommended for those involved. I wish you luck in your appeal.

fairylight 10 years, 2 months ago

rodentgirl says "This information is public record and that is why ljworld posted it. There are articles on and In the same articles, a daycare in Wichita also had its license revoked because a child died after being left alone strapped in a carseat. Would you prefer that that daycare provider's name and location not be printed either? I'm know this is a sensitive issue for a lot of people, but as a parent, I think we should have access to this information, and apparently so does KDHE. People would throw a fit if they withheld this information"

Regarding the home where the child died having been left strapped in a too small seat, alone in a bathroom? YEs, I believe posting the name of the care provider is appropriate.

In the case of the alleged abuse in the Lawrence home. No, I do NOT believe it was in the best interest to post this woman's name and address. I believe SRS should had ( and probably did) notify all parents who have their children cared for there to let them know it is closed until the investigation is complete- they do need to make other arrangements. I don't see the benefit of making the providers name AND address public at this time.

If this turns out to be something the child came to the daycare with - if the daycare provider is completely exonerated - there will still be those who only remember the initial article. Her recovery may never be complete.

IF it would turn our the other way, say the accident or negligence was the providers fault- THEN post an article with name and address. again, my opinion .

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