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State shuts down Lawrence in-home day-care after abuse allegations

March 27, 2008


State regulators ordered a Lawrence day-care shut down Thursday, after a preliminary investigation by SRS alleged that a 1-year-old child received burns to his legs, ankles and buttocks while at the home.

Deborah Henning, licensed to operate the home at 1502 W. 27th St., had her license suspended on an emergency basis by Roderick Bremby, secretary of the Kansas Department of Health and Environment.

The suspension means that Henning no longer can operate her day-care home, which is licensed to have up to 10 children. She has the right to appeal, but her license would remain suspended pending such an appeal, given Bremby's action designed to protect "children in the licensee's care from physical abuse or a substantial threat to their health or safety."

A woman who answered the phone Thursday night at the Henning residence declined to comment.

KDHE received information Wednesday that the Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services had been investigating suspected child abuse at the home, and that the suspected abuse had occurred on or about Monday, Bremby said in his order. An SRS social work specialist recommended that Henning's license be suspended.


bigtrucklildck 10 years, 2 months ago

gatagirl. I am sorry But I am not getting her confused with someone else. I am not hear to make anyone think anything other than they know, I was just stating what I dealt with when my child was in her care! People can be different, in givin situations. I am not hear to trash her name ect. I just hope if she indeed did what, they claim she gets punished for it! I think every parent would agree with me. ALot of child abuse takes place at in-home daycares. You have a small child saying what happened, you have an adult saying that wasn't what happened, Who are the police ect gonna believe? If indeed they are a professional care provider, they are to notify the parent as soon as they notice any markings ect. or they are to document any miss haps that may happen while in their care. If that baby had burns (she saw them, during diaper changing ect) SHe should of notified the parents ASAP or the police or documented it ect. If they took her permit, then she didn't do what was required of her! I am sorry That I feel this way But I beleive she didn't do what she should of or she harmed that child!

Daniel Davidson 10 years, 2 months ago

I can not beleive how sad this society has become. In the state of Kansas you are guilty until proven innocent, instead of the other way around. This woman has had so much tragidy inher life now she has to deal with her good christian name being drug through the mud. If the forces that be would complete the investigation before releasing personal info such as names and addresses one could have somewhat of a normal life. Its not bad enough that her livelyhood has been taken but now her dignity along with it. I know and trust this woman with all my heart and know she would never harm any child. I think the parents should be drug through the ringer also. Why are they special?

OldEnuf2BYurDad 10 years, 2 months ago

There is MORE to this story. I know Deb Henning. She's an amazingly strong woman. Do I know what happened to this child? No. But I guaranty you: there is more than what is printed here. She's no perpetrator of children.

gatagirl 10 years, 2 months ago

This woman has done daycare in this town for so long, and has provided quality love, care and guidance not only to the children that come through her door, but to their parents and family as well. OldEnuf was right. There is more to this story, because never in a million years would Ms. Debbie harm a child intentionally. As with anything that is read in a paper or saw on tv, please use common sense and discretion before judging the sensationalism that is posted here.

Melanie Birge 10 years, 2 months ago

1 who said N E thing about tragidy inher life?, didn't say N E thing about her religon, and why would her religon make her so spical? HELLO....

davidson05 10 years, 2 months ago

Debbie Henning took care of our oldest child for 3yrs. She has never done any wrong by any of the children she watched while our child was there. I am a very particular person when it comes to someone watching my children. I would let Debbie take care of my kids any day!!! We love and support you Debbie. The Davidsons of Baldwin.

Daniel Davidson 10 years, 2 months ago

If one has to ask why religion makes one special, Just seek Him and you will find out.

aginglady 10 years, 2 months ago

I have known Debbie through friends who's children she cared for. This just isn't right. There must be more to this, maybe the child was injured before they came and it was covered up with pants..maybe Debbie was the one to discover the injuries and reported them? Please don't judge this one, until we know more.

While we're on the topic, sitters are being let out of prison in many cases, because the shaken baby syndrome..brain injuries that they said could only happen if a baby is shaken, have now been proved to be found in lots of other circumstances, meaning non abuse, regular life falls that kids make everyday. And now all the poor women who have been jailed for this crime, are now getting reconsideration, and being freed. Medical science just screws up royaly trying to put someone away under pressure, and the need to advance a prosecutor's career!

OldEnuf2BYurDad 10 years, 2 months ago

"1 who said N E thing about tragidy inher life?, didn't say N E thing about her religon, and why would her religon make her so spical? HELLO:"

People who know Deb understand the context of such statements. Tragedy and faith are a part of her story.

By the way... it's much easier to read your posts if you use standard English. People are also much more likely to take you seriously if you use words instead of that phone text speak.

sdinges 10 years, 2 months ago

What exactly is she supposed to have done? Burns can be received in all sorts of ways that don't involve abuse. Accidents happen. Kids get burned all the time when they're young and not careful.

As for whether or not she saw the burns or notified anyone, you really don't know if she did or not. Doctors are required to report this kind of thing to SRS, and it's possible the parents were informed and -they- reported it to SRS.

Look, who knows, maybe she wasn't watching them well enough and that's why they suspended her license. Or maybe they got an over-zealous SRS agent on the case. It happens. You can't judge her based on a vague story like this.

bigtrucklildck 10 years, 2 months ago

I hate to be rude but it's bout time someone do something bout this sitter! My child was in her daycare yrs ago and she slapped him, Hard enough to leave blood blisters across his face and ear. The police Questioned her, course she had an excuse, Oo he fell ect. When my child said flat out she slapped me! I hope she gets what she deserves (and it should be more than a slap on the wrist!) Sorry If I offended anyone but, it's the truth!

gatagirl 10 years, 2 months ago

I have an extremely hard time believing this, and am sure you must be confusing her with someone else, bigtruck. I know Debbie on a personal basis, and being physical is just not in her nature, not a part of who she is or how she operates. You have no idea what the details behind this situation are, and are out of line to launch your own smear campaign.

igby 10 years, 2 months ago

Blame it on the babysitter if your butts in a jam with SRS. What else can you do?

aginglady 10 years, 2 months ago

You know, I wonder what life would be like if men felt it their sole responsibility to be the breadwinner for the family, and the old thinking of, if the little woman earned any money on her own, it was considered her "pen money", to buy special things she wanted, never to feed the family. Moms were home caring for the children, and they taught the kids to behave, and if they didn't, they themselves were the main ones to suffer with the unruly brats, not the daycare provider and then the school teacher. If someone needed to go somewhere, the kids just ran next door to play for a while.No charge, it was reciprocal. Half the cars on the road, no daycare to pay for, it costs less to feed a family when someone cooks from scatch than using all the prepared, microwave, one box foods. Mom and the kids kept the garden that dad did the heavy tilling for, and fresh veggies were given away by the sack full. Kids had chores to keep life running, and got into trouble less. If they went out to get into trouble, there were mom's everywhere who knew them and got told the parents. The kids grew up knowing how to do things, and they didn't have to hire everything out like the helpless men I see now. Men enjoy doing things around the house..not the everyday chores like the trash, but fixing things that take thinking and planning,getting to use tools, some hands on and they feel like they've accomplished something!

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