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Create your own sled-kite for windy fun

March 25, 2008


Take advantage of the windy March weather. The Washington Post offers this how-to on how to make a sled-kite.

What you'll need:

¢ 1 kitchen-size trash bag, preferably white. (Brown wrapping paper, craft paper or Tyvek also can be used.)

¢ 2 wooden dowels

¢ About 100 feet of kite string

¢ Packaging tape and scissors

¢ Colorful permanent markers

Cut the kite face from the trash bag and decorate it with markers (bright, bold colors are best). Lay the kite face-down on a table, with the top farthest from you. Attach four 2-inch strips of tape to the kite face, as shown. About half of each strip should hang over the edge.

Lay one stick on each side, with the tips touching the corners. Fold over the tape to hold the stick ends to the kite face.

Cut strips from what is left of the trash bag. Tape them together and then tape to the bottom of the face. Create a bridle, using a piece of string about eight feet long. Tie a knot close to each end. Lay two to three inches of each end of the string on the two bridle points and tape to the back. Find the center of the bridle, tie a knot and attach it your flying line (the rest of your string).


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