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Bill regulating adult businesses may be shelved

March 25, 2008


— Legislation that would prohibit alcoholic beverages at establishments where there is nude dancing was heard Monday but probably won't be acted on this session.

State Rep. Arlen Siegfreid, R-Olathe and chairman of the House Federal and State Affairs Committee, said his committee had too many other bills to consider with only a couple of days left for committee work.

Siegfreid said he expected lawmakers will consider the proposal next year.

"If you come back next year, you are probably going to see something similar," he said.

State Rep. Lance Kinzer, R-Olathe, the bill's sponsor, appeared to be OK with that.

"I think this is an issue that folks are interested in," Kinzer said. "I think there is a good chance it will come back next year and we will continue to work on this issue."

House Bill 2835 would regulate sexually oriented businesses, such as adult book and film stores, and nude bars.

It would prohibit sexually oriented businesses from being open between midnight and 6 a.m. and ban serving alcoholic beverages. Nude or semi-nude dancers would have to remain at least six feet from patrons.

Also, sexually oriented businesses could not be opened any closer than 1,000 feet from a school, house of worship, public library, park, day care facility or other sexually oriented business.

Phillip Cosby, executive director of the Kansas City office of the National Coalition for the Protection of Children and Families, said the law was needed to protect communities from a sex industry that is well-funded and powerful.

He said the judicial system has given communities more weapons to fight sexually oriented businesses because of the "negative secondary effects" that the businesses bring. He said the effects included increased crime, sexually transmitted diseases, lower property values and general blight.

Ron Hein, representing the Motion Picture Association of America, said the group objected to a provision in the bill that included the MPAA's movie rating system. Incorporating the voluntary rating system into law could cause some filmmakers to stop using the rating system, he said.

Philip Bradley, with the Kansas Licensed Beverage Association, said establishments that serve alcoholic beverages and feature nude dancing already are highly regulated through their liquor licenses and local ordinances.

"This is a complex issue," he said.


greasyllama 10 years ago

This is a complex issue,"... No it isn't.It's boobs. It's women working their tales off to make ends meet.It's women using their God given assets to make a living and live in a manner in which they are entitiled. It gives men a chance to view boobs who otherwise would not have the oppurtunity.Or would otherwise be involved in some illicit acitivities.So said boobs are actually curbing crime,if you want to use such vague language and references as Phillip Cosby. The real issue is women acting independently,making an honest living and some men don't like it.Where to the women lawmakers stand on this "issue"?They don't because it is a non-issue that they will not dignify.ChristiExtremist trying to impose their right wing,facist views on the public. Again.

janeyb 10 years ago

The Kansas Legislature should not meet every year. If they met every other year they would be too busy for crap like this.

supernik 10 years ago

what a waste of time and tax money.

TheYetiSpeaks 10 years ago

"I think this is an issue that folks are interested in," Kinzer said.

Who? What folks? You show me a guy who's spending his money at the strip club 6 days a week, and I'll show you a guy not causing any freaking problems.

Haiku_Cuckoo 10 years ago

What's the big deal? If these skanks want to get naked for strangers, so be it. Let's face it, there are many lonely guys out there who won't be able to see boobies unless they pay for it.

DBAWalt 10 years ago

Remember, the point of politics is to LOOK like you are doing something good, there is no requirement to actually do anything good.

Politics give power, the power helps keep you in politics.

Kinzer has to LOOK like he is doing something, even if he is only ACTUALLY blowing smoke.

frankwiles 10 years ago

"I think this is an issue that folks are interested in," Kinzer said.

Who? I've never ever heard anyone discuss this, anywhere, ever. With all of the real problems going on in this world, it's just like us to focus on the truly unimportant ones first.

C'mon, let's ignore the economy and our budget problems and focus next year entirely on having an otherwise legal beverage in the presence of nudity. 'Cause that's what's really going wrong with our state....

I think we should ban drinking Sprite while watching sporting events in public, because it is just plain un-American. We must protect the children.

justthefacts 10 years ago

lawmakers wasting time and money? Surely not!!

Take a look at - go to to see all the bills - to see what they've been up to this session.

Take a look at all the resolutions (which have no impact on anything - they're not going to ever become law. They are merely a statement of position; i.e. giving speeches in writing - which takes time and money to do and to make hundreds of copies). Then read the bills and keep in mind many are go-no-where personal bills written and worked for a special group of constituents. And there are bills that are self-serving and meant only to benefit the legislator personally.

We pay these people to do this for (to) us. I doubt they earn a 1/10th of what they make. It's no wonder that our system is collasping under its own weight. Instead of addressing and trying to fix real problems (e.g the economy that is about to tank), they do busy work and tinker with society in a way meant to benefit a select few.

Leave us alone lawmakers. You are only making it worse!

Bill Woodard 10 years ago

Anybody else think Lance Kinzer is priming for his own private Eliot Spitzer moment? All too often, politicians and clergy who preach all high and mighty about this kind of stuff end up taking it in the keister for their own "depraved" behavior. Pride comes before a fall, or something like that. Just sayin.

Scott Drummond 10 years ago

remember these creeps at election time. We each have an opportunity to say "no" to these hypocritical right-wing zealots.

Richard Heckler 10 years ago

I would rather see stricter regulations on utiltiies and EPA matters and vote in strict green building codes. Annnnnd more freedom locally to control spending on political campaigns and unacceptable bar activity such as Last Call.

Charles L. Bloss, Jr. 10 years ago

The KS legislature: People who think that they can tell other people how to run their lives. In the process they are ruining it for yet another group of people. The legislature is a joke! Every year they get together for 3 months, do nothing for 2 1/2, then ram a bunch of crap through the last two weeks. Better yet, they call a "special" session so they can get paid more money because they did nothing during the regular session. I have never met anyone who has much use for the legislature. Same goes for the city & county commissions. Thank you, Lynn

nwkshawk 10 years ago

Wow. I think this is the first article I've ever seen where everyone is in relative agreement. I'll agree with keeping strip clubs and porn shops away from schools, but that's about it. Nobody forces anyone to attend or be employed by either type of business. I love the line about the "negative secondary effects." How many people have ever contracted an STD by going to a porn store? And how would the makers of clear high heels and body glitter feed their families if they did away with strip clubs? It must be easier to fight nudity than the energy crisis, unemployment, homelessness, etc. This is even worse than the statewide smoking ban. At least nobody ever died from secondhand cheap perfume.

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