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Police find stolen head from bunny costume

March 23, 2008


A Wichita man dressed in a bunny outfit was jumped by pranksters who took off with the head of the costume.

Dan Warner, 47, has been dressing as a bunny for his job at a Wichita Godfather's Pizza and other businesses for more than 15 years.

Police say a teenager jumped out of a truck, tackled Warner and stole the head of his costume Thursday afternoon in west Wichita. Warner memorized the truck's tag number, helping police track down the head.

Police say they found the bunny head and have three teenage suspects.

Warner was back in his bunny outfit Friday, but without the head as he held a sign to advertise a buffet. He wore a pink baseball cap with fuzzy rabbit ears attached instead.

He said he hasn't decided whether to press charges.


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