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Traffic snarled at 8th and Massachusetts

Traffic signals disabled

March 20, 2008


A major downtown intersection will be without a traffic signal today and perhaps all weekend as fans flock downtown to watch NCAA tournament action.

The traffic signal at Eighth and Massachusetts is inoperable after contractors working for the city hit a power line as part of a project to install new tree grates along Massachusetts Street.

Lisa Patterson, a spokeswoman with the city, said crews are working to restore power to the traffic signal, but the work may not be completed until Monday. Power also has been lost to street lights in the area.

None of the work extends into the street, and both lanes of traffic are fully open. Stop signs have been installed at the four approaches to the intersection.


Baille 10 years ago

Put a traffic cop out there to direct traffic. Would be money well spent.

Ragingbear 10 years ago

Downtown intersections are bad enough with the idiot drivers and pedestrians that don't understand the difference between "Walk" and "Don't Walk". Somebody is going to get hurt.

There is also virtually no reason why it would take 5 days to repair a power line. The translation is "We messed up, and we are too lazy to do anything.".

countrygirl 10 years ago

It was a major mess yesterday before they put the stop signs up. Hopefully they will help some, but 5 days does seem a bit long to get something like that fixed.

Baille 10 years ago

No its not. I never see it snarled there. Maybe at 7:55 and 5:15...maybe.

Baille 10 years ago

Assuming jammed up equals having to sit through more than one cycle, I disagree. Or I have just been extremely fortunate over the last 20 years.

Ragingbear 10 years ago

Manbearpig suspected as saboteur.

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