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Charges dismissed in robbery case

March 20, 2008


Robbery and kidnapping case tossed out

A judge throws out the charges in an aggravated robbery and kidnapping case today after the witnesses failed to show up in court to testify. Enlarge video

A judge dismissed charges in a kidnapping and aggravated robbery case against a 22-year-old man Wednesday because witnesses did not show up to testify at a preliminary hearing.

Cheryl Wright, a Douglas County District Attorney's Office spokeswoman, said District Judge Michael Malone dismissed without prejudice five charges of kidnapping, four of aggravated robbery and one of aggravated burglary against Scott Allen Dean Blackmon.

Prosecutors will assess the case and the status of the witnesses and refile the same charges if witnesses are willing to proceed, Wright said.

Police and prosecutors had accused Blackmon of wielding a machete during a home invasion and robbery Feb. 12 at an apartment at 1411 W. Seventh St. Police had said five people were ordered to empty their pockets and were forced into a bathroom.


igby 10 years, 3 months ago

Their gone for Spring break? or, They knew these guys that robbed them and lied to the police?

Typical drug robbery?

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