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KU buses seek input

March 7, 2008


KU on Wheels takes public comment

KU on Wheels takes comments from the public today about proposed route changes for the next school year. Enlarge video

KU on Wheels is taking public comments on route changes that would help the bus system reduce its more than $300,000 operating deficit.

An increase in the required campus fee each student pays is expected to cover a sizable portion of the operating deficit, as is growth in use. However, a portion will likely need to come from price increases or expense cuts. On the table for discussion are changes to five routes.

¢ The 31st and Iowa route would end at the Park and Ride lot. A new bus would take riders to the main campus.

¢ The 24th and Ridge Court route would be merged with the Naismith/Oliver Route. A portion of the route would be eliminated.

¢ The Downtown route would be merged with the Second and Michigan route, ending service to Northwinds Apartment and to this route's service of Daisy Hill.

¢ The 15th and Crestline route would visit parts of West Campus periodically throughout the day, but not every time.

¢ The Night Campus Express route would eliminate service to Daisy Hill and the Student Recreation Center.


hawkperchedatriverfront 6 years, 1 month ago

Want to save money? Do not have all buses go to GSP and Corbin to turn around. Why do all KU buses do this? Why, I have been told, because they are so big, they have to . Save money for KU bus system, but having them not leave the campus. The campus is the same footprint now as it was 40 years ago. Why is a bus needed to transport someone from the dorms to the Union, from the Union to the dorms. Walk. Use the city buses to the perimeter of the campus. It will always be in debt.


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