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McCain receives Bush endorsement

March 6, 2008


— In a Rose Garden news conference that was all smiles, President Bush gave his blessing Wednesday to one-time bitter foe John McCain, a day after the Arizona senator clinched the Republican presidential nomination.

With McCain standing by his side, Bush praised him as "somebody that can handle the tough decisions," and promised to help his campaign any way he could, even if that means distancing himself from McCain.

"If my showing up and endorsing him helps him, or if I'm against him and it helps him - either way, I want him to win," Bush said.

In turn, McCain thanked Bush - saying he had "great admiration, respect and affection" for him - and while McCain welcomed Bush to campaign with him he repeatedly stressed that Bush has a busy schedule.

Bush's endorsement came the day after McCain wrapped up the GOP race by winning the necessary delegates in four primaries Tuesday, prompting his last active rival, Mike Huckabee, to drop out.

Bush's support for McCain came a lot faster than McCain's did for Bush after their often bitter rivalry in the 2000 Republican primaries.

Eight years ago this week, McCain angrily quit his upstart presidential bid, blasting Bush and even hinting at a third-party bid through aides.

It was not until two months later, in May, that McCain finally came out for Bush.

Even then McCain had to be prodded by reporters to actually use the word "endorse." In his irreverent way, McCain then said, "I endorse Gov. Bush" six times in a row.


Doug Peschka 10 years, 1 month ago

I'm not a Republican, and never have been.

Having said that, I suspect even John McCain, if elected, would bring a different perspective to the Presidency than Bush 2.


George Bush's military service consists of being AWOL from his National Guard duties.

John McCain is the third member of his family in a row to attend the U. S. Naval Academy, and become a commissioned Naval Officer. He served in Vietnam, was shot down, and endured 5-1/2 years in the Hanoi Hilton.

When his captors learned that his father, four-star Admiral John McCain Jr., was CINCPAC [Commander-In-Chief, U. S. Pacific Forces] at the time, they offered him an early release, to embarass the United States. John McCain refused, enduring further violent beatings and abuse for doing so.

Apply that background to this: Bush has vetoed the bill that would have banned waterboarding as an interrogation tactic. I, for one, am willing to bet that John McCain, as President, would have signed that same bill into law in a heartbeat.

Any takers?

By his own admission, McCain was no model Midshipman at the Academy, nor was he a model officer in the Navy, to be sure.

But, love him or hate him, no one can get away from the fact that McCain suffered for his country far more than all the other candidates from both parties - AND George Bush - combined.

To those who think that John McCain is a mere "clone" of Bush, and that his administration would necessarily be a third Bush term, I seriously say, think again.

I highly recommend a book titled "Faith Of My Fathers" by John McCain. There is not one word of politics in it.

It's all about the McCain family's history in the Navy.

Think of it as a look inside the mind of John McCain.

That's of value to all of us, especially if McCain becomes the next President.

Food for thought, from a Democrat, who is also a Navy Veteran.

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